Back to School…oh dear…


Yeah, it’s almost that time–in fact, in some parts of the US, kids are already back in school–eeeek!!!

Recently I was at our local outlet mall, looking for something in particular.  We all know how it goes, especially if you always have your “doll eyes” open.  And it happened in a place I least expected it.  The Coach store.  I was actually looking for a particular bag (which I did find and they were having a fantastic sale) when I came across this.  It was a case of “should I/shouldn’t I”.  And finally I gave in.

An itsy bitsy Coach backpack!!!  I thought it was absolutely adorable and after a lot of debate, I decided to go ahead and get it.  I figured if the size was wrong I could keep it for my own use as a keychain/bag accessory, or return it.

As fate would have it, the size was actually better than I could have imagined!

Here is Mimi, wearing it much the way I do with my own backpack, slung over one shoulder:

I thought at first it wasn’t going to fit in a traditional way, but was pleasantly surprised to find it did!

A view from the front.  You can see that it’s a little big snug, but not terrible.  I have to be careful when I put it on her, don’t want to dislocate any dolly shoulders.

Ordinarily I would remove the keychain part, however, not only do I think it would be difficult with this particular item, but I actually may use this for myself at some point in time too. (sorry Mimi)  It at least swings out of the way for doll photos.

It even has an itsy bitsy Coach tag!!

Okay…I know that some of you are thinking “how much did this crazy woman pay for this???”  More than I probably should have, but as I mentioned before, Coach was having a very good sale at the time.  It was $35, which is insane for a tiny piece like this.  But once in a while I can’t help myself.  And when you think about some of the ridiculous prices American Girl has charged for items and compare the quality–it really isn’t as bad as it sounds.  I don’t remember what the full price was on it–I’m thinking it was around $100 which is absolutely nuts and I wouldn’t have paid that no way, no how.  Once in a while a splurge is okay.

And now Mimi is going to be the most stylin’ gal at Kennedy!!

3 thoughts on “Back to School…oh dear…

  1. I have had the same urges but so far resisted. I think though that having stylin dollies is a good thing in the end. I LOVE IT

  2. Absolutely adorable! Perfect for Mimi!
    Definitely out of my price range at full price; i understand going for it at the sale price. i mean you know it is leather and will last a long time.
    I hear you about removal of the key chain part. I recently purchased to LEGO mini figure key chains for the figures and took the key chain part off. The think links are hard to bend without a vice and good set of pliers.

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