New American Girl Product Review–Lovely Leopard Coat, City of Lights Accessories, Belted Wallet

I recently posted about some new products that American Girl just came out with.  Several items caught my eye and I didn’t waste any time in ordering these.  In my order was the Lovely Leopard Coat, the City of Lights Accessories set and the Belted Wallet.

First I’ll take a closer look at the coat.  It’s very cute and I was pleased to see that it was at least partially lined.  The sleeves aren’t lined, but with doll clothes, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  There was some loose fuzz and I didn’t clean it up, which I later regretted after it ended up all over Jenny’s navy blue shirt.  Ooops.

The quality of the fabric is very nice, very soft and plush.

The fit is a bit tight on it though.  I would have liked to see it a bit more relaxed.

It’s still a cute piece.  I think it would be really cute paired with the silver colored holiday dress from a couple of years ago.

Next up–the belted wallet.

This item is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while from AG.  The attention to detail is very good.  It’s even accurate down to how the belt attaches!

The interior is nicely finished as well. It’s not very big, not sure an AG sized cell phone will fit in it.

The belt is removable.  However, it would have been nice if it had been just a half inch or so longer.  It is possible to get it on the doll without completely undoing it, but it’s a stretch.

Here it is on Jenny.  Too cute!  Definitely my favorite piece out of this order.

The City of Lights Accessory set comes in a box.  I’m not sure why though.  An awful lot of empty space in this box, almost seems like a waste of packaging.  Not only that, but because of this, my order came in a much bigger box than what would have been necessary.  Grrr…

Despite the overpackaging, it’s still a cute set.

The watch is cute, and I love AG watches.  I just wish they’d make them a tad bit smaller for them to be more realistic, they tend to be a bit large.   The ring–I’m not usually a fan of doll rings, but this one is just adorable!

Jenny did a great job modeling, didn’t she?

The little bag is very cute and well done too.  How can you not smile looking at that, even if you aren’t a cat lover?!

It’s works as an over the shoulder bag:

As well as a cross body, although it is a bit of a tight fit.

Overall, I’m very pleased with everything in this order.  I give the belted wallet and the City Of Lights set A’s and the coat a B.  The coat gets a lower marking simply because of the snug fit.  Otherwise it’s a well made piece and a nice accessory to have in your doll wardrobe.

5 thoughts on “New American Girl Product Review–Lovely Leopard Coat, City of Lights Accessories, Belted Wallet

  1. I feel like AG has concept down nicely but still not execution. The coat is too snug. The watch face is way too big, Oy vey.

    • All of their recent watches are like this, and I don’t understand why. I don’t have any of the older ones to compare it with, but I’m curious if this was always a problem.

  2. Wonderful review! I have my eye on this set. Maybe I’ll wait and get it in person to keep packaging to a minimum.

    Large watch faces are on trend right now. Especially the apple watches, but overall they are large unless you are going traditional then you can find the smaller faces. My thing is that the early AG watches actually worked! So the faces were large and thick to accommodate the battery. But I loved them; could wear them as ring watches.

    Again, love this review! The coat does look snug and the sleeves a tad short. That is too bad. Coats are layering pieces and should not be ill fitting.

    ~ Xyra

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