American Girl…what’s going on??

Anyone else wondering what the heck is going on at American Girl lately besides me?  I’ve been a bit perplexed by some of the changes and decisions lately.  I’m sure I’m not alone.  I haven’t talked about AG and their business model for a while, so it’s time.

First off–a good thing.  FINALLY someone has been listening and now they are offering free shipping on purchases over $125.  It’s about time!  I noticed that there is a disclaimer that there may be a surcharge on large items.  Hmmm…anyone have any experience with that yet that they would like to share?  I’m curious myself, especially with items like Blair’s Family Farm Restaurant, the camper, etc.

What the heck is going on with the monthly sale?  It just keeps getting smaller and smaller.  This month it’s only 10 items.  It’s almost to the point of “why bother”.  And they aren’t running regular clearance specials either, the most recent one was the first since the Black Friday/Cyber Monday one if I’m remembering correctly?  I always enjoyed the clearance section.  I find it hard to believe that they are sending everything to the new outlet store in Hershey.  They had an outlet store before and still managed to run regular sales.

New items–nothing since the first of the year?  Has anyone heard if there is anything coming out anytime soon?  If my calculations are right, this should be the year we see a new “Truly Me” outfit.  Or will we?

I’ve been worried about some of the things that have been happening for some time now, but since the first of the year, I’ve become increasingly concerned.  I’m hoping perhaps they are working on better ideas and ways to do things.  I was very surprised to hear that they closed a couple of the stores, I know someone that lives in the Boston area and she was very saddened when they closed the store there.

Would love to hear other things that some of my readers have noticed, concerns, issues, etc.  It’s always a worry when a company starts making big changes like this.  I know that many of us have always seen a pattern to certain things in the past and now it seems like all of that is gone…