The last of the Phils…well, almost. :(

Hey guys, it’s Fiona here!!  If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that every so often, one of us gals gets to go with Flo to meet up with Xyra from Tea Time With Melody Q out at the Coolspring Power Museum.  I was so thrilled that I was getting to go, I’ve been wanting to for a while.  On this trip, we were hoping to finish checking off the last of the Phantastic Phils in Punxsutawney.  We only had four left, so it didn’t seem like a difficult mission.  Or so we thought.  (If you’d like to read about our previous Phil searches, you can go here:  and here:  And here’s a link to the Tea Time with Melody Q post about this year (which also has links to our previous adventures):

It’s always a surprise as to who is going to come with Xyra, and this time I got to meet Grace!  Abby had met her before and said she was super fun, so I was excited to get to meet her too.  We quickly got into the car with them, and headed down the road to Punxsutawney.

The first Phil we found was called “Philled with Memories of Shannon”.  It was in memory of the daughter of the people who own the greenhouse where it was at.  It’s a very detailed Phil with photos reflecting on Shannon’s life.

Off to find another Phil.  Flo and Xyra had a pretty good idea of where this one was at, it was one that had been missing before because it was out for repaint.  So worth the return though.  It’s outside of a restaurant, and, well…just looking at it kind of makes you hungry!  It’s called “Breakfast Sounds Good”.  We loved that the guitar was made up of bacon, eggs and toast!

Plus it looks like we are standing on a mountain of pancakes, doesn’t it?!?  Makes me hungry just thinking about this one now.  (I’m trying not to drool on the keyboard.)

Then we were off to find another one at the nearby hospital.  It’s called “Healthy Phil”.

I thought his lab coat was pretty cool.  At this point Grace’s dog, Tris needed to stretch his legs.  Isn’t he a cutie?

Isn’t the hat I’m wearing cool too?  It was a gift from the Tea Time gang, and it was very nice to have on this day since it was kind of cool and breezy.  I also recently lent it to a friend of mine for a very special trip to the lake!  He did make sure it was returned too, but he said he was really glad to have it to help keep the sun out of his eyes.

So, we were supposed to find four Phil’s on this journey.  Believe me, we tried our best.  However, the last Phil we needed for our list to be complete is out for repairs/repaint! After driving around the IUP campus multiple times, we think we figured out where it was supposed to be.  Or used to be.  That’s the only problem, sometimes if you miss one, you won’t get to see it again, as these statues can be moved to different locations and painted with different themes when they are redone.  Oh well.  Maybe if Xyra and Flo wait a few years, there will be several new ones to check out!

I hope you enjoyed this almost final installment of the Phantastic Phil’s of Punxsutawney!  Check back in a couple of days, we have a fun post of Mini Isabelle checking out the Coolspring Power Museum with Mini Luci from Tea Time!

6 thoughts on “The last of the Phils…well, almost. :(

  1. Nice! Fiona, it was great getting to hang out with you! Hope we can get together again soon!
    On a side note, Tris is a girl. She’s named after the main character in the Divergent series. Great books! Have you read them?

    I was really bummed the chamber of commerce changed their website and how the list of Phils works. I guess the Groundhog HQ put their foot down on purchasing the maps. 😦 I also saw that the people from Steve’s Greenhouse are retiring and selling the business. I wonder what happens to their Phil when they do.

    Always fun to visit with you!

    • Ooops!! I’ve not read the Divergent series, I will have to add that to my list! ~Fiona

      I’d be willing to bet that the new owners will be given the option to keep the Phil, or perhaps it will be removed and redone, moved to a different location.

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