New Stuff, YAY!!!!

I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled on the American Girl website for some new releases and I was super excited today to see them, yesssss!   (Sorry, my inner Elle Woods kicked in there.)  Let me just say–their webmaster still needs fired.  Trying to find some of the items isn’t the easiest thing because they aren’t crossed referenced.  I don’t get it, I really don’t.  But, I did find some adorable items that are on my “must have” list already.

Oh my, this coat!!  This is just one of the cutest clothing pieces they have come out with in a long time.  There is a whole group of mix and match items that are a Paris theme and this is part of that, although I wouldn’t necessarily think of a leopard coat and Paris at the same time.  This is definitely going to jump into my shopping cart.


This accessory set is so sweet, even if you aren’t a cat fan!  Another must have item.

Also loving this waist bag!  (they call it a belted wallet)

A new pet care set–Hedgehogs!!!  (anyone else notice the resemblance in some of these pieces to a My Life As Set?)

There are some other really nice pieces this time around.  Perhaps our complaints are being heard.  A lot of mix and match pieces in clothing/shoes.  Some other awesome accessory sets.  Blaire has a new outfit and a new accessory set that is very cute!  Two new Truly Me dolls–but no new outfit this time…hmmm…  And nothing new at all in BeForever, hoping maybe we will see something later in the summer.

This…words cannot express how much I want this set.  Not sure what I’m going to do with it or where I will store it, but after watching the video, I am certain I will be getting this at some point…

Yes, it’s a bowling alley!!!  Complete with snacks, shoes, bowling balls, the works!  The balls are designed in such a way that a strap can be attached so you can have your doll hold it, but then you can also take that off to toss it down a bowling lane that actually works!!!!!!!  The interactive features on this set are so well done.  I’ll be anxious to read the reviews on it after a few people have actually tried it out.  Hopefully it’s not a disappointment because the idea is probably one of the cleverest they’ve come up with in ages.  I haven’t been this excited since they came out with the pop up camper–and if you’ve been reading since then, you know how that turned out! 😉

What items in the new releases are your favorites?

5 thoughts on “New Stuff, YAY!!!!

  1. My favorite item is the Bonjour et Au revoir t shirt and skirt.
    It’s so sad there’s just about nothing for the Beforever dolls except Kit!

    • Yes, it is kind of crazy how BeForever has been neglected considering it’s the foundation for the original company!

      • YES! My mom was from a family that wasn’t dirt poor and she didn’t have a bunch of clothes. I remember her talking about how she had two dresses–one was being washed while you wore the other!

  2. Okay, so I am totally getting the hedgehogs! Also the City of Lights Accessories. I do like the leopard coat, but may wait on that. some of the other mix and match pieces too.

    With regards to things not showing up as new…apparently, another collector who was recently at the Tyson’s Corner store found out there are new options in the Create-Your-Own section. New outfit options and skin tones. If they replaced any of the previous outfits, I bet I will have to re-create Bev and Peni again. They drop out of your library if too many pieces are unavailable 9at least they have in the past).

    I totally agree about Kit! This has bothered me from the very beginning. My dad’s family was not wealthy (he was born in 1943 so not a part of the Depression) and we watched The Waltons every week. He remarked how his upbringing was similar to theirs. You had school clothes, play clothes, and Sunday clothes. You wore them out and fixed them up again and again until they became rags. And the hole mini golf thing is really overboard since the closest course in her time was at Geneva on the Lake OH. Note that is 5 – 6 hours away from Cincinnati are in our driving speeds! The books are more accurate when it comes to her clothes: an school outfit that she out grew and was replaced with a flour sack dress, play clothes to change into after school so your school clothes didn’t get dirty, and a Sunday best or holiday dress. And, of course, pajamas. A coat if she was lucky (which she was). Other than that…

    I think the bowling alley is great, but don’t have the space for it. Loved the jeep until I realized it was for Wellie Wishers. The hockey set is really cool. And I love that in the description they use the female pronouns-AG first, the AG boys can have it too; teammates, you know.

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