Now is the time!

Have you been thinking about that American Girl doll that you missed out on and wishing you had purchased her while you had the chance?

Now may be a great time to start thinking seriously about it.  I’ve been monitoring prices on Ebay recently and it seems as though some dolls are at an all time low when it comes to pricing!  Just yesterday a pre-owned Lea Clark in very good condition went for $55.  Saige for $60.  Isabelle for $37!!!

I’m not sure why this is happening right now, but you may have the chance to get that doll you’ve been wanting at a reasonable price.  It’s also a good time for those wanting to do a customization to pick up an inexpensive doll for experimentation!  Just this morning a lot of 3 dolls that had some hair “issues” went for $120.  A great price for someone who is hesitant to try customizing a doll they paid full price for.

Good luck and happy searching!

4 thoughts on “Now is the time!

  1. Interesting! I have not seen that in my area. Prices seem to be inflated. I will have to check out ebay.

    • Prices locally are still a bit high in my opinion, but that seems to be the way it goes with Craigslist/FB Marketplace anymore. Not just with doll stuff either.

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