Google recently announced that they are doing away with Google+ and will be doing away with all personal accounts.  Not good.  For the blogging community this could be devastating as it is supposed to delete all comments made from someone using a Google+ account.  I’m not certain of the numbers that this affects, but I have a feeling it’s rather high.  It hopefully shouldn’t affect anything for those of us using WordPress, but for those in the BlogSpot community, it is a bit disconcerting and quite frankly, no one knows what is going to happen exactly.

Xyra from Tea Time With Melody Q did a very interesting post on the subject that you can read here:



So, if it doesn’t affect my blog, why am I posting about it?  Because it can affect my blog in other ways.  We’ve lost quite a few doll bloggers over the past year for various reason, and I have a feeling this will be a reason for even more to throw in the towel.  We’ve had a nice little community going, and it makes me sad whenever we lose someone no matter what the reason.

The other thing that concerns me is what is this going to do to blogging in general.  Blogs are no longer the “in” thing, many people have found it’s much easier to use Instagram and have that instant gratification of throwing a photo up there instead of having to actually “write” anything.  This could be another nail in the coffin so to speak for blogging as a whole.  😦

I feel bad for those who will be affected by this change.  I think back to last year when Photobucket decided to change their terms in regards to linking photos to outside accounts.  Many a blog was totally trashed once they implemented this change and I’ll be honest, I can relate to those who decided to give up and quit.  Trying to repair the damage done to a blog with more than a hundred posts and countless photographs would be more work than it’s worth.

So, as we wait and see what happens over the next couple of weeks, keep in mind it’s not the fault of the bloggers themselves, but of a large company who decided to make a big change without thinking of how it might affect certain users.  It’s also a good example of how no platform is completely safe from something like this, who ever thought Google would be getting rid of something?



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  1. Wow, that is shocking to hear! I am a Blogspot blogger, so I’m not sure what that means for me either.
    I think my comments show up under Google + as well. I’m going to read the article you linked now!

  2. Hi! I’m catching up too! Thank you for the lovely plug. So what I’ve learned since the announcement and my post is that Blogger is not going to be part of the deletion. Blogger has always been tied to my overall Google account and not Google+. It was suggested that everyone using blogger with a google+ profile switch to a blogger profile.

    Overall, my blog should remain intact. [I’m hoping that is true. I did the archive thing to download, but the file seemed too small for it to contain 6 years of work, 1200+ posts.] What will be removed: the G+ button, +1 button, maybe my list of followers, any other google+ specific widgets, and comments by google+ users. So some conversations will be lost. It may mean an increase in anonymous comments.

    It is sad that Google did not value it’s social media platform for consumers. I know there were issues, but considering all that Facebook has been through over the past 2 years, it might have been worth it to fix and promote instead of just closing down.

    I’m still slightly panicked about January 2013 to January 2019, but…

  3. Second try! First it means commenting has been dealt another blow!

    Thank you for the plug! What I’ve learned since the announcement and my post is that Blogger is not actually tied to Google+ but to your overall Google account. Which means my blog should stay intact. Am I still worried about my 6 years of work and 1200+ posts. Yep! But I did do the archive thing suggested by Google a couple times.

    All blogger users were suggested to change their profile from a google+ one to a blogger profile. This changed the “about me” section in the sidebar of my blog. I’m thinking that anchors the posts.

    Any google+ type widgets will disappear. The Google+ share button and the +1. All comments by google+ profiles will disappear. That’s the biggest change. Conversations will disappear or be cut in half. I’m thinking there will be an increase in anonymous comments. The other big change will be followers. Followers who relied on their Google+ newsfeed to show them the latest will not have that to rely on anymore. And if they do not sign up to follow by email…I feel bad for that section of the community.

    It would have been nice if google had valued them and their activity even if it wasn’t as prevalent as Facebook. Considering the problems Facebook has had theses last two years i think Google could have fixed their glitch and promoted it more instead of just folding.

    Hugs to all!

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