Google recently announced that they are doing away with Google+ and will be doing away with all personal accounts.  Not good.  For the blogging community this could be devastating as it is supposed to delete all comments made from someone using a Google+ account.  I’m not certain of the numbers that this affects, but I have a feeling it’s rather high.  It hopefully shouldn’t affect anything for those of us using WordPress, but for those in the BlogSpot community, it is a bit disconcerting and quite frankly, no one knows what is going to happen exactly.

Xyra from Tea Time With Melody Q did a very interesting post on the subject that you can read here:



So, if it doesn’t affect my blog, why am I posting about it?  Because it can affect my blog in other ways.  We’ve lost quite a few doll bloggers over the past year for various reason, and I have a feeling this will be a reason for even more to throw in the towel.  We’ve had a nice little community going, and it makes me sad whenever we lose someone no matter what the reason.

The other thing that concerns me is what is this going to do to blogging in general.  Blogs are no longer the “in” thing, many people have found it’s much easier to use Instagram and have that instant gratification of throwing a photo up there instead of having to actually “write” anything.  This could be another nail in the coffin so to speak for blogging as a whole.  😦

I feel bad for those who will be affected by this change.  I think back to last year when Photobucket decided to change their terms in regards to linking photos to outside accounts.  Many a blog was totally trashed once they implemented this change and I’ll be honest, I can relate to those who decided to give up and quit.  Trying to repair the damage done to a blog with more than a hundred posts and countless photographs would be more work than it’s worth.

So, as we wait and see what happens over the next couple of weeks, keep in mind it’s not the fault of the bloggers themselves, but of a large company who decided to make a big change without thinking of how it might affect certain users.  It’s also a good example of how no platform is completely safe from something like this, who ever thought Google would be getting rid of something?



Review of…

Oh, sorry, did I leave you hanging????  This is one last review from items I purchased when I visited the American Girl store in Orlando.

The first item isn’t all that exciting, but still cute.  I’ve had my eye on these for a while and it was nice to see them in person before buying them.

You can never have too many earrings, can you????

The other item was something I really wanted.  I would have been very disappointed if it had been sold out too, it was the item that was at the top of my list.  Any ideas???


Well, if you guessed Blaire’s piglet, you were right!

Oh my gosh, let me say that I wasn’t a bit disappointed in this little pig!  In fact, I think it’s one of the cutest animal accessories that AG has ever done.

Some side views:

His eyes are stitched instead of a button type eye.  I’m not generally wild about this, but for some reason it works on this little guy (or gal…).

And the little tail is so cute!

I just love this little pig.  Now we need to come up with a name!  Wilbur?  Babe?  Nah, it needs to be something original.

At $20, it’s a little on the pricey side considering it’s not jointed/posable.  But I am glad to see AG making something different for a change.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if they released a little goat to go with the farm theme at some point?

Review of Kit’s Gardening Set

I wasn’t going to get Kit’s Gardening Set, I wasn’t all that excited about it when it was released.  It reminded me too much of her Chicken Keeping Set.  But then I saw it in person when I went to Orlando and decided that Kit needed to have it!!  The overalls remind me of a pair of Osh Kosh adult sized ones I used to have.

Here are all the pieces:

Kit was super excited about trying it on!

The fit on this outfit is snug.  I was also a bit disappointed to see that the pants are stitched in the rolled up position and can’t be easily snipped, so they are stuck like that for all eternity.  😦

The shirt actually has real button holes, that surprised me.  It was a bit of a tight fit on my Kit.

The scarf doesn’t come pre-tied in this set (unlike the chicken keeping set) so you can use it however you want to.

I heard some complaints about Blaire’s short overalls set and how the shirt is way too short so that it won’t stay tucked in and she has “skin” exposed.  I’m happy to report that Kit’s set doesn’t have this issue!

The boots are really cute with some nice details.  However, there is one thing I REALLY don’t like–they now have American Girl stamped into the bottom of them.  Why are they doing this and being so absolutely obnoxious about it?  I’m getting tired of not being able to disguise/hide/remove these labels.  I get that they have to protect their name and product, but this is getting ridiculous.  I’ll be very honest–it’s turning me off of their clothing completely.  I’m also not pleased with the plastic vanity tags on clothing for the historical dolls.  Just another reason to shop small and buy from Etsy.

I do think it’s a cute set though.  It is kind of interesting how this set borrows elements from Kit’s Chicken Keeping Set and Kit’s Overalls Outfit.  It sells for $34 which is right in line with the two previous sets as well.