I Went On An Adventure!

Hey everyone, it’s Mimi again!  I hope you all are well, and those of you in the snow areas are safe and warm.  I’m so glad we are home safe–we went on a little trip earlier and got home before all of this nasty weather hit.

Where did we go???



Dad had a few days off and mom thought it would be a nice opportunity for a little get away.  I was excited that they were taking me along too!  What did we do?  A couple of things.  But the first stop on our trip was a visit to the American Girl store!  I was so excited to go there and visit with some of my friends.

I was very excited to see Maryellen.  She even had the sofa ready for me. 😉

Checked out the new cabin at camp.  Pretty cool!  Except no one told a few of these girls I was coming, they were still sleeping!

These guys were having a pool party, and I didn’t have my swimsuit, darn!

I was super excited though to meet the new Girl Of The Year, Blaire!  Mom was too, she said this was the earliest she’d been to an AG store after a new release.  We both loved the restaurant, so cute and so many neat accessories.

I had a really nice conversation with Blaire too, she’s really enjoying her time as GOTY.  After talking to her, we looked around a bit more and then it was time to head to our hotel.

What did we get while we were there?  A couple of things!  But you’ll have to wait a few days for me to show you what we got, along with some other items we picked up on the trip.  We had a lot of fun though!  Stop by in a few days and I’ll show you some more of what we did in Florida.

10 thoughts on “I Went On An Adventure!

  1. Ooh, we went to Florida last year! We didn’t get to go the AG store though because we were there for Disney World. Everything looks so cute! I LOVE Blaire’s farm restaurant! I am trying so hard not to buy Blaire because we already have TM #61 that we named Tahlia, and she is a redhead who is really close in appearance to Blaire, but I keep talking myself in and out of it. I really love the Josefina face mold, and Tahlia is the classic face, so they are different. Also, Tahlia belongs to my daughter, so I really should have Blaire, just for me right??? LOL! I also love your Mimi! Her outfit is so cute here! I love the colours! I’m glad you had a fun adventure! I can’t wait to see what you got! 🙂

    • I loved the restaurant, I just don’t know where in the world I would put it! I think Blaire is really cute, but because I have so many Josefina face mold dolls, I doubt I will get her. She is unique though in that she has a totally different skin tone, much lighter. She looks like a typical redheaded/green-eyed Irish gal!

  2. I love balires restaurant! I’m normally not so much a fan of ags big ticket items but this is so versatile! And the kitchen cabinets come out! So cool! What did you think of balires overalls? Did you get a close look? Did you buy anything of hers?

    • I loved the restaurant, I wish it wasn’t such a large piece, or I’d seriously consider it. I thought her overalls were fine, but I neglected to look and see if you could see a gap. I did get something–you’ll have to wait and see what it is!

  3. It looks like Mimi had fun and made friends. I look forward to hearing more about the trip.

  4. What a great adventure, Mimi! guess what? I finally got to an official AG Store. The one in DC. It was awesome and I’m sharing about it this week. I’m still smiling ear to ear from my time there! So much fun!

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