Review of Our Generation Horse Grooming Kit

Some new sets came out for the Christmas season in the Our Generation line.  They have been doing a lot more involving pets, so I was excited to see several sets that had to do with horses!  After looking through them, I decided this one needed to come home with me.

The main reason I went with this particular set over the others is it contained a couple of things that I thought were unique and I didn’t already have.

I thought the grooming brush was very cute, and well done, complete with actual bristles!  The grooming glove was cute too, although I think I have one of these from another set.


If you have a horse, you have to have a sweat scraper!  This was really cute, and I’ve only come across this in one or two other sets.  In real life these are used to remove sweat or excess water from a horses coat so they don’t overheat.

Also included were two bottles, one spray and one just a storage bottle.  If you are around horses, you see plenty of bottles that hold everything from shampoo to fly spray.

And then a cool little storage bag!  I thought this was really well done, right down to the pockets around the outside.  It reminds me a lot of a Thirty One bag!

Overall I thought this was a cute set and a must for anyone who wants to set up a realistic looking doll stable without purchasing one of the larger sets.  This set, combined with some of my other pet sets can be used for any number of grooming needs for the horses or the dogs.  There are several other sets available with a horse theme, it’s just a matter of finding them!  (Again, I wish Our Generation supply lines weren’t so erratic. 😦  )


9 thoughts on “Review of Our Generation Horse Grooming Kit

    • I currently have three, all thrift store finds. I need to do some posts with them and then pass two of them on to a little 8 year old friend who is just getting into all of this.

  1. The bag is interesting. It reminds me to the bags that AG makes in which you can carry two dolls.
    The set looks practical. I can’t wait to see how you use this new item.

  2. Cute set! We have the OG stable set, and we are very happy with it. It fits our two horses perfectly. Of course, not everyone wants to buy an entire stable set. Sometimes, they just want the horse supplies. This is where I think OG and MyLife do it right. Smaller sets at lower prices for people who just don’t have the space for huge playsets. AG needs to do more of this. Especially with their food sets. Some people just want some food to go with their DIY bakery or store, but if you want any of the AG extras you have to pay an arm and a leg for the entire set.

    That little bristle brush though! So cute! 🙂 I think the one that we got with the stable is all plastic. We actually don’t get a lot of OG stuff here in Canada, so I usually have to find it online at Mastermind Toys. I think the only place that sells it locally is The Bay, and they don’t always have stock, so I have to order from their website too.

  3. I keep looking at this set and passing. Now I may have to rethink that. We cold use some extra grooming times for Butterbrandy and Steps High.

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