Doll Sized Finds–amazing what you find at Aldi sometimes!!!

I haven’t done a doll sized finds post in ages, mostly because I haven’t been shopping at thrift stores.  Funny though, I met a friend for breakfast who had recently checked out my blog and I had just been telling her about how cool it is to find things that work for dolls that really aren’t intended to be.  Afterwards I had to run to Aldi to pick up a few things.  And lo and behold, I came across something that I just had to have.  An early Christmas present of sorts, but it’s great because not only can it be used for the dolls, but it’s useful to have in general, and not ridiculously expensive.  Are you ready???

Yep, a jukebox radio!  Now some of you may remember that I found a nice one at a resale shop, but it was strictly a radio.  This one not only has a radio in it, but also a built in CD player, plus the ability to play from an auxiliary device, either with Bluetooth or an external jack!  I actually needed a new player for our living room as ours is not working right, so I killed two birds with one stone, and it looks cool to boot!  It also lights up and the colors change on it as well.

There was another thing that appealed to me though.  I was annoyed with how the one they came out for Maryellen wasn’t really the right size.  The proportions were WAY off, if you’ve ever seen this style of jukebox in person, they are tall.  Here is a photo of a real one with an adult human being beside it (thank heavens for the internet!) so you can see what I mean.

American Girl expected us to be happy with this.  Nope…

Mimi offered to pose beside it so you can see just how perfect it is.

MUCH better.  Now you tell me–$90 for a toy, that can only be used to play something from another device and isn’t even the right scale, or $50 for a fully functioning CD/Radio/Bluetooth device, that sounds pretty darned good (it’s playing as I type) if I don’t say so myself?  No brainer!  So glad I didn’t buy the AG version, much happier with this one.  Now I’ll just have to fight with the girls when they want to use it. 😉  I may have to make a Wurlitzer label for it and replace the one that is on it, but that’s easy enough with a good image manipulation program. (Which all good photographer’s have access to LOL)

12 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds–amazing what you find at Aldi sometimes!!!

    • Me too. I saw it in the Aldi ad and wondered if it would be better scale than the other one I already had. Once I saw the box, I knew it had to come home for multiple reasons! 😉

  1. Just checked out the jukebox. I remember a soda shop in town had one just like it, however it was a
    a Rockola. There was also a Wurlitzer, but it was a bit more boxy in shape. What a “COOL” find no matter how much it cost. Also, when you stood in front of the jukebox, the coin insert slot and record selection was about waist high. It seems to be just the right size for the dolls.

    • A friend in North Carolina said they didn’t have it at hers either. Unless they were selling out quickly in some of the heavier populated areas? I’m usually pretty lucky with their special items like this.

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