A Local Holiday Tradition

Hello everybody, it’s Mimi!  Everyone has different holiday traditions, whether they are family ones or ones dictated by region, ethnicity and so on.  One of the popular ones around here is to go to Kraynak’s nursery to see “Christmas Land”!  Mom decided it was something I needed to see, so off we went.

Mom told me that Christmas Land has been around a long time, at least 40 years that she knew of.  It’s a beautiful display of around 75 Christmas trees and other holiday décor items, arranged in such a way that you can just walk through and enjoy.   People of all ages go to see it, and then of course, there’s the shopping afterwards.  Before we went in mom informed me that we would not be doing any shopping today since it would be busy plus too close to when Santa comes to visit.  I told her I understood and didn’t really care, I was just excited to see the displays!

I wasn’t prepared for just how pretty some of these trees were, wow!  If you weren’t into the holiday spirit when you came, you sure would be when you left.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without something Grinch themed!

And some Elsa and Anna!

Mom and I both loved this Eskimo/Inuit display.


Guess I’d better be good with Mrs. Claus looking over my shoulder… 😉

Mom said this part of the display made her think of Xyra and Franz!

We both really liked this blue themed Christmas tree too.

Hey look, a stuffed Laney dog!

We both thought this room looked so nice and cozy.

This tree reminded mom of her friend Wendy who has peacocks on her farm!  We both agreed that this was the prettiest tree of the bunch, the colors are so regal looking.


And then we were at the end already.  It was so pretty, I was sad to see we were at the end.  Mom said the only thing she was disappointed in was no Minion display, she said they did one a few years ago.  I bet Cassandra would have loved that!

We did look around a little bit at some of the pretty Christmas items they had on display.  We found a whole forest of trees that were just my size!

I hope you enjoyed our little taste of Christmas here in Western Pennsylvania!  Mom said that maybe we’d go back in the spring when they have Easter Bunny Lane, doesn’t that sound like fun?!

Merry Christmas! 

(We received no compensation from Kraynak’s for this post, we just did it for fun!)

Doll Sized Finds–A Last Minute Holiday Find!

Once in a while you buy something that you really don’t intend to be for the dolls, but then you look at it and go “hmmm…”

I actually bought these for my dog, but the more I looked at them, I thought they would fit a doll.  And guess what?  THEY DID!

Mimi was thrilled.  “I look just like a reindeer!!”

Since they are made for a dog, they have a chin strap too, so that helps keep them in place as well.  I’m sure Laney would be just as happy if I didn’t try and put them on her.  😉

I just had to share this!!!

A link to this came across my Twitter feed today and to say that it tickled my fancy is putting it mildly.  Be sure to read it, I think we can all find our own “grown up” American Girl we can relate too.  I have to say that mine is Addy with her love of thrift store finds!  Who is yours???