The Official Unveiling Of Mimi’s Room!

Flo:  It has taken a bit of sorting and thought to get this whole project to where I wanted it to be.  After a few minor inconveniences and interruptions though, I’m very happy to present…

Mimi:  HEY!!! Wait a second!!!!  It’s my room!!  I thought you said I would get to show it when it was done?

Flo: Oh, yeah, that’s right.  Okay readers, I’m very happy to present Mimi–and her new room!


Okay guys, I know you’ve been waiting a while for this.  So have I!  I wasn’t sure it was ever going to be finished.

I’m so excited I finally get to show everyone though, I think it turned out fantastic.  So without further ado…

That moment you’ve all been waiting for… (Louisa taught me that you have to do a build up at times like this)


I’ll give you a quick tour around it and point out a few things.

There’s my desk area with all sorts of books and such.  In the corner I have a place to hang my coat and my musical instruments.  Oh, and my hamster!  His name is Chum, if you look closely, he’s trying to hide behind the food bowl.  I named him after the hamster in “The Mouse and The Motorcycle”, I love that book, have you read it?

You may have noticed a black case leaning up against my acoustic guitar case.  That’s my flute!  I started out as a flute player, then I learned piano.  Unfortunately there wasn’t space in my room for my keyboard, it’s downstairs in the family room.  After I learned how to play piano, I moved on to guitar, I have both an acoustic and electric guitar.  I need an amp for my electric guitar though, I have to go downstairs and use the one my dad has.  I’m hoping maybe I’ll get a small one for my room for Christmas though.

Here’s my flute, I don’t play it as much anymore.  Several of my friends play flute too, we had a flute quartet one time at church, that was really fun!

Here’s my bed with some of my favorite stuffed toys on it.  The airplane was something my dad bought for me when we were at the airport in New York and the sheep I got in Ireland.  The llama and the clapboard pillow were birthday presents.  And that afghan is nice and warm, a friend of my mom’s made it.  I need right now with all of this cold weather.

Once nice thing with this bed is it’s a trundle, so it has this nice section that pulls out so if I have a friend stay over, they have a place to sleep!

It also comes in handy for relaxing and watching TV, it’s at a better angle to see it!

Oh, yeah, you might have noticed a little friend of mine here.  That’s Ginger!

Say “hello” Ginger!  (WOOF!)

She’s my puppy, she was also a birthday present this year, I was so happy, I’ve been wanting a dog for ages.  She’s a husky mix and won’t get much bigger than she is now, she’s almost a year old already.

On this side of the room I have some toys and other odds and ends stashed.

This case has some of my collectibles.  On top is my Wii and a television.  As you can see, Kit has me hooked on Downton Abbey too!  Poor Edith. 😦

I’m really happy with my new room, I have a lot of space for all of my instruments, school stuff and toys.  I was afraid it all might not fit, but I was happy to see that it did.  I would like to get some posters and pictures for on the walls, I’m still trying to decide what I want though.  I’d like to find things with some of my favorite bands on them.

Thanks for stopping by to see it.  I’m going to be decorating for the holidays soon, I’ll be sure to show you how it looks after that!



A YouTube video to check out!

I’m always on the look out for other talented doll lovers, and today I found a video that I thought deserved a bit of attention.  Since I’ve been working on new ideas as well as finishing up Mimi’s room, I’ve been watching some of those doll room videos on YouTube.  There are some good ones, and others are (as much as I hate to say it) like watching paint dry.  So I was really excited when I came across this one because it has so many great things going for it.  First off, this vlogger has a great presentation and you can hear the excitement in her voice.  She also has a very good eye for design.  But what impressed me more than anything else is that she made a lot of the items in her doll house from things that aren’t necessarily meant to be doll items.  You know I’m all for that!!!  This is a great example of how you can make a great dollhouse without spending a small fortune.  Love her ingenuity!  Anyone can decorate a doll room using a plethora of items they purchased from AG, OG or MLA, but to actually build your own is worthy of some attention.

Some of my favorite things in this dollhouse are the bathroom vanity, and how she made a bed using the foldout “Sit and Snooze” bed, very clever!  I also liked the nightstand, why didn’t I think of using a coaster as a tabletop?!?!

Be sure to check the video out, it’s definitely one of my favorites and there are so many great ideas for anyone who is either working on a dollhouse or a single room.

It’s back!!!!!!! (and Happy Thanksgiving too!)

Last year I did a review of the My Life As Kitchen Island Set.  You can read that review here:

I was surfing the Walmart website recently, and look what is back!!!

The mixer and accessories are different colors, but who cares if you really wanted it?!  They have a nice selection of items available through their website at the moment, thought I’d give everyone a heads up in case they were looking for Christmas gift ideas.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US that reads my blog!  Hoping to get back to business in the coming week or so, have been very busy with a trip to North Carolina, photography work and getting ready for the holiday.  Don’t eat too much!  (yeah, right…)