A Work In Progress

Changing some of how I’m doing things here at ye olde blog was a big decision.  And I’ll be honest, a bit daunting.  You get into a routine of doing things a certain way and, well, let’s be honest–change is hard.  The best thing I could have done though was actually put it out there that I was going to do it.  Now I was committed.  And as I thought about what I could do, wanted to do, and all of the other possibilities–I actually got excited.  It was just a matter of getting started.

I went to Target and bought storage bins.  I had no idea how many I would need at all, or even close, but I just bought 6 and hoped for the best.  Worst case scenario was that I would need to go buy more.  (I probably will too.)  But at least it was a start.  And I went to the closet where I had some of the boxes for some of the larger furniture pieces, that was a huge help.  However, as we all know, before you get organized, there’s always going to be a bit of…er, umm, turmoil??

I was part way through some of the disassembly when I got a text from a friend.  The conversation went a bit like this:

“Happy hump day Flo, you ok?”

“Back at ya!  Yeah, working on a project that is kind of crazy at the moment.  I’ve got stuff everywhere lol.  Just a matter of organzing though.”

“Hahaha!  I like the sound of this.  I do this with projects!  Hehehe!  Libras do love to be kept busy.”  (We are both Libras, our birthday’s are one day apart)

“It’s for the doll blog, making some major changes.  I have too much stuff!!!”


“The dollhouse looks like it blew up.”

“Oh no! Gas explosion” (insert laugh emoji here)

At this point I started laughing hysterically.  Because, well, it did look a bit like a gas explosion had rocked the Little Friends House!!!

I sent her the picture to which I got back a series of laugh emoji’s.

She at least understood though.  She and her husband collect comic book stuff and action figures!

It’s progress though.  Definitely a lot to do, at the moment I’m on a break from boxing up furniture.  I think Chinese delivery is going to be dinner tonight, this might take a while…



8 thoughts on “A Work In Progress

  1. I need to send you a current picture of my doll room lol. The room is bigger than the last one but most of the stuff isn’t even in it yet.

    Oy, vey.

    Sending good thoughts your way!

  2. Wow! I do wish there was a way to keep dust away and still be able to access cool stuff. I hope you have a labeler handy or are taping lists to the sides of the bins.

  3. I think we can all relate!!! Best of luck! Love the gas explosion comment, haha. I had a giggle at the doll in the bottom left corner in the red shirt; she must’ve just had enough and laid down to let “the current take her”, LOL! 😉

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