Big changes ahead… (but all good, hopefully!)

Hello everyone!  I’ve been mulling over some ideas I’ve had in the back of my mind for a few months and I think I’m ready to move ahead with what I want to do.  So what exactly do I have planned?

Quite a while ago I mentioned that I was thinking about getting rid of some of the stuff I had.  I’m still going to do that to a certain extent.  There are some items I’ve found that I thought would be very useful when I initially bought them, but they haven’t turned out to be quite as good as I expected.  So, a weed out is imminent.  Some things will be donated, others will be sold.  I need the space more than I need to be storing something I’m not using.  If I should decide to sell some of these items on Ebay, I will let the readership know so that they can get first crack at them.  I’m still not 100% sure which route I’m going to go, but I do know it will be nice to free up some space and have some mad money for when new items come out that I would like to purchase.  I just don’t want my collection to get any bigger than it currently is.

The dollhouse is about to be “disassembled” and stored.  The main reason for this is I’m not using it for shoots as often as I’d like.  Plus–it’s bad enough to have to dust my own house, let alone, a house in miniature!  I remember my mom complaining about this with her 1/12 scale house as well.  I don’t want these items to get ruined from being exposed to dirt, dust, etc, and since they aren’t being used on a regular basis, it just makes more sense to put them away for safe keeping.  I’ve purchased some storage bins for them, I hope I have enough!  The nice part is that the dollhouse is a shelving unit, so I can use it to store the bins.  And who knows, maybe somewhere in the future I’ll decide to set it up again.

My goal in all of this is to create one stationary doll room that will be Mimi’s.  It will be made from items I already own as well as a few new odds and ends to make the room much more personal.  I have some items in my collection that are personal favorites, and these will be the items you’ll be seeing in her bedroom.  Keep your eyes peeled, not sure how soon I’ll have it done, but I have ideas for what I want to do with this set up.  Future stories will be centered around Mimi and her friends.  If you are familiar with Inky’s blog, it will be similar–yet different.  As many of you know, it is hard to do shoots with a lot of dolls, so my goal is to do posts that involve just a couple of a characters at a time.  I actually thought about creating a separate blog for that, but decided it would just make things more confusing as well as be a major time suck.  And time is something I don’t have a whole lot of at the moment!

The irony of making it a single room is that was my original intent when I started this venture!  I had a few pieces of furniture and I wanted to make a room for that.  Funny how far things came in a short period of time as I found more and more fun pieces.  It really is an addiction. 😉

I’m still going to be doing product reviews, but not as many as in the past.  Mostly because I’m not buying much since I’m out of space!  I have a couple of ideas in mind for other things I’ll be posting about as well.  My goal is to have a post once a week, we will see how that goes.  Fingers crossed.

Is there anything in particular you would like to see me do?  I’d love to get some input from the readers, please feel free to leave a comment!  And no, I’m not bringing back the “bad Ebay posts”, for no other reason than I not only no longer have the time to peruse Ebay like I used to, but because of a shift in sellers, there simply aren’t enough funny/ridiculous/absurd listings to keep it going.  Which is a shame because I got the best feedback from those posts.

Thank you all for your support over the past 4 years, you have no idea how much I value that.  I’ve met some awesome people because of this blog and I hope to be continuing it for at least a few more years to come.

11 thoughts on “Big changes ahead… (but all good, hopefully!)

  1. Ha! I loved the bad eBay posts. I also love your finds. Whatever you chose to post is going to be perfect!

  2. Very interesting! I know you’ll have a great time with reinventing the format and decorating Mimi’s room! Looking forward to seeing more!

    • I definitely have some ideas on what I want to do, I just need to get to work on it. Now that the weather is starting to turn cooler, I hopefully will have some more time to play!

  3. So glad this wasn’t a post saying you’re giving up the blog or taking a break from it! I’m happy with any of your posts. I totally get it about the just a few characters thing. I’ve been focusing so much on just 2 of my dolls and their friends. Many others are starting to get neglected.

    • I feel bad, but it’s just hard to make sure you can get everyone included. There are only so many hours in a day. AND only so many stories that pop into your head at a given time!

      • Especially with a larger crew. Those group posts can get so very time consuming with wardrobe, set up, making sure everyone looks well positioned and stays that way…rotating my characters has been very helpful with a group post now and then. I’m hoping to get something done for Halloween this year, but am not sure I’ll be able to pull it off. 😦

  4. Glad to see that you are still going to be here! I get it about the one doll room. I’m in the middle of creating a one room generic that I can set up and take down at will to create whatever I want it to be, whenever I want.

    I have just been finding that while I love our huge dollhouse, the rooms are typically bad for photo lighting, and they are also a bit too set in stone.

    I want to be able to do some historical set ups, as well as some modern doll clothes photo shoots, and in the mean time I really need a place to store our doll classroom.

    I think that what a lot of people in this blogging world of ours need to understand is that us readers don’t mind one bit if you only blog a few times a month, or less. We enjoy seeing what you post no matter what the time frame.
    I think that is the beauty of blogging for fun. We don’t have any deadlines. We can just post what we want when the mood arises. I’ve been looking at my own blogging that way more lately. My attitude is I’ll get things posted when they get posted, rather than stressing myself out over it. I’ve been enjoying blogging more now because of it.

    • You hit the nail on the head about not being able to get good photos due to lighting, etc. The living room has been a nightmare, not just because it’s a lighting issue, but it’s just a pain in the neck to get to. In all honestly, my frustration with this room is sort of what started this whole re-evaluation. And getting tired of having to dust the whole thing. I just don’t have the time. Id’ rather use that time for writing and other pursuits!

      • I totally get the dust issue. We live in a desert, so there is always dust everywhere. It’s a nightmare. I have to dust at least once a week, or it becomes disastrous, and really, who has time for that? Lately, editing is taking up all of my time. I kind of got sucked down the rabbit hole there for a bit, but now it is finally coming to an end. I am really looking forward to getting back to writing though, because honestly, I am not an editor, and I really don’t want to be. I just want to write books, and sew. That’s all. LOL! 🙂

  5. If you haven’t started taking down the doll rooms yet, could you post pictures of the rooms. I’m not sure where to find them other than scrolling down every post. I’m starting to make a doll house and need ideas. I admire you in your pursuit!

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