The Guitar Lesson

Evil Twin was recently here to visit and Zoe and Raynia came along with her.  While the girls were here, they decided to take Allie up on an offer she made to teach them a few songs on the guitar.  Mimi joined them as well, and they all had a great time!

Allie has been playing the guitar for several years, she started when she was only 7!  She knows how to play all sorts of cool songs, and the girls decided they really wanted to learn a couple of Tom Petty songs.  Allie said that once you learn the basics of Tom Petty songs, it’s pretty easy to get the hang of all of them.  They started out with “You Wreck Me” and moved on to “Yer So Bad”.


When the girls had a little trouble with some of the fingerings on a few chords they weren’t used to, she was very good about helping them out.  Zoe was excited to finally get the hang of barre chords!  (If you are a guitar player, you know just how frustrating those can be sometimes. 😉 )

After they got the hang of those two songs, Allie decided it would be fun to teach them a Gin Blossoms song.  They learned how to play “Mrs. Rita” and she gave them some pointers on how to sing and play at the same time.

The last song she taught them was “Til I Hear It From You”.  Zoe, Raynia and Mimi all played the backing parts while Allie did all of the solos.  It sounded really good!

I think the girls all had a good time and look forward to the next time they get together so they can learn more songs!

(And in case you are wondering about Mimi and Allie’s guitars, stay tuned, a review on those is coming in a few days!)



5 thoughts on “The Guitar Lesson

    • All of the songs are ones I have learned, Til I Hear It From You is one I’m currently learning, the solo parts aren’t super hard, but the opening is a challenge as far as the fingering!

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