Doll Sized Finds, end of summer post!

Hey guys, how is everyone?  I don’t know about you, but I’m really sick of this ridiculous heat.  It seems like it’s everywhere too, even my friends in the UK and Ireland have been complaining.  And for them, it’s twice as bad because most of them don’t have air conditioning because they seldom ever need it.  But, next thing you know, cold weather will be here, and we will be complaining about that too!

I haven’t done much thrift store shopping this summer because I haven’t had a lot of time.  Plus, if you really don’t have space for things, it kind of takes the fun out of it.  However, one day a while ago I decided to go check out my favorite stores in Pittsburgh and I came across this find:

Yep, it’s the American Girl bathtub!  It was only $3.99 too.  It has a little bit of damage, but not too much and it doesn’t have any of the accessories, but that’s okay, sometimes it’s fun to make your own.

I actually debated on even getting it since I already had a bathtub in pink, but decided to go ahead and get it.  I’m glad I did, this was before I’d even seen the pics of the My Life As bathroom set which is also blue, that worked out well, didn’t it?  It’s not exactly the same shade of blue, but that’s okay, it’s at least in the same color family.

Another swing by a different thrift store came up with another find.  I’m always amazed at the number of Happy Meal Toys I find (and other kids meal toys as well) still in the packaging.  This one looked intriguing, so I had to check it out.

Once I turned it over, I got a better look–how cute!  And at 49 cents, a great deal I think.  Might even be a collectible now that Toys R Us has gone out of business…

My last doll sized find came from T J Maxx.  I’ve found a few odds and ends in the kitchen gadget section which is where I found these as well.  I don’t remember exactly what I paid for these, but they were under $2 each (I’m thinking it was either $1.49 or $1.79…) so a good deal.  I’m contemplating on whether I want to fill these with some sort of resin with fruit or veggies, or leave them as is.

That’s it for this installment.  Have you found anything cool in your shopping travels??

And for my friends in the US–have a great holiday weekend, Happy Labor Day!

10 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds, end of summer post!

    • According to the American Girl Playthings site, this tub would have been released in 2004. Another version of it in white was released in 2007. I too loved the towel bar, I think I need to come up with a story around this tub!

  1. How big are the jars? They are so cute. I am ready for the hot weather to go away as well. In July our air conditioner wasn’t working. We called for a repairman and found that there was a two week wait before someone could come and fix it. Of course during the two week wait period the weather here was in the 90s. One night it was 91 in our bedroom. Not exactly great sleeping weather! Thank goodness it is fixed now.

    • They are 2 1/4 inches tall and about 1 1/4 wide. I’d love to see them side by side with the ones they issued in Kit’s canning set and see how they compare.

      I hear you on the broken AC, that happened to us one year, some situation. It was awful!!!

  2. The measurements sound great on those little jars. I hope I can find them. That is the same size as the little Mason jars from Michael’s. We live in Texas and our temperature was 99 degrees Friday when our air conditioner went out. We were out at 11 at night and were able to get it going long enough to cool the house. Then bought a part and fixed it the following morning. Sure will be glad when fall comes!

  3. Nice finds. I was kind of disappointed with my last trip to McDonald’s. Some kind of transformer toy. Love the jars and the tub!

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