Review of My Life As Bathroom Play Set

Both My Life As and Our Generation have been coming out with some amazing stuff lately, they are really putting the pressure on to American Girl.  They’ve not only come out with sets that are similar to some of the American Girl, but they’ve also both come out with some original type sets as well.  I’ve been behaving myself lately, trying not to get a bunch more stuff because I just don’t have a lot of space for it now, but when I saw this set showing up regularly in Instagram feeds, I just had to have it!

I was a bit concerned that I would never run across this set at a Walmart near me, but I’ve seen it in several.  I imagine these are selling rather well though at around $40.  A far cry from what American Girl was asking for Julie’s set, plus it’s normal modern colors.  And it all comes apart as well.


Here is the toilet and the vanity once out of the package.  I stuck a post-it note on the mirror to minimize reflection for photography purposes.  The mirror isn’t a true mirror which is fine, it’s definitely safer this way.

There’s a button you can push to make the vanity lights turn on.  They are on a timer and will automatically shut off, great thinking!  They aren’t very bright though.

There’s a nice storage compartment under the sink along with a shelf below for storing more towels.  The compartment snaps closed too so it’s not going to be a problem if you have to carry it from room to room, no worries about things just falling out.

The sink faucet can be moved from side to side, very cute detail.

The tile design carries over to the back as well.


The toilet is very well done, right down to the toilet seat in the separate sections!

There’s a button on the top of the tank that you can press to hear a toilet flushing sound.  I neglected to test this before I got home and discovered mine wasn’t working.  As is the case frequently with My Life As items, the batteries were simply dead and luckily I’d bought a large card of the same sized batteries so I was quickly able to get it up and flushing again.  I included this picture of the battery compartment so that it is easy to locate just in case you need to change yours at some point.

The shower stall is very well done too, a lot of nice attention to detail!

The shower curtain fits the whole way around the shower, very nice!

The hooks are even like real shower curtain hooks and come undone!


The shower head comes out of the hanging assembly so you can put it into a dolls hand.  This was the only thing I didn’t like about this set as I found it difficult to maneuver and think it might break easily if not done correctly.

The temperature controls move so you can make it look realistic!


It includes a bottle of faux shampoo and condition in a rack on the wall.  Nice little feature!


The set also includes a mug, toothbrush and toothpaste.  I especially liked that the toothbrush has a handle on it, making it possible for a doll to hold it.

Overall, I think this is an exceptional set and I suspect at the $40 price point, it will sell out very quickly.  If you are thinking about this set for your collection, I wouldn’t put it off for very long!  I give this set an A++, so well done and cute.  Great job My Life As!



10 thoughts on “Review of My Life As Bathroom Play Set

  1. I caved and picked one up too. Very nice set of a little overpriced but they can get away with it compared to AG.

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed the prices on My Life As stuff kind of creeping up. I imagine they are trying to keep up with OG though.

  2. If I was into all the accessories, this would be one I would definitely buy. The commode looks to be very well done, even to the flush mode. Looking forward to checking this out when I get up this weekend. The handle on the toothbrush was a good idea, sticky tape will only work for a bit, now the doll can hold onto her toothbrush without worrying the water will unloose the tape.

  3. Wow, what a great set! I haven’t seen this one yet at Walmart, but I really love how this line has done so well (and of course, I’ve always been a fan of OG sets). We haven’t been collecting a lot of this 18in scale as my daughter’s playroom is pretty overloaded, but may have to make an exception for this. As much as I LOVE AG Julie’s bathroom set, I will never pay that much for it (and even if it goes on sale, that would be a big MAYBE), but this is a great alternative! I am really curious to see how a Barbie would look next to it as I know some 18 inch stuff is scaled down a little. Hopefully I will see it in person soon!

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