Review of the Wellie Wishers Outdoors in Overalls Outfit

A while ago I posted pics of Emily in the Outdoors in Overalls outfit and Heather from Dollightful Dolls asked me if I would write a review on this outfit. So Heather–this post is for you!!!

Wellie Wishers clothing is very cute, but I get frustrated with it all being dress up type outfits.  Not all little girls want to be princesses, sorry!!  When I saw this outfit though, I decided it was one I absolutely had to have, I thought it was super cute and very much like something you would see a little girl wearing out and about.

I love the embroidery on the front of this, very nicely done.  Here’s a picture from the back:

I thought the outfit fit very nicely and it wasn’t difficult at all to get on the doll.  Very important given the age range that this is aimed at!

I especially liked this:

Ordinarily I’m not a fan of Velcro on doll clothing but again, since this is aimed at younger kids, it not only makes sense, but I was impressed that they put Velcro the whole way across the top of the bib.  It makes it much easier for  youngsters with dexterity issues to get the doll dressed without either frustration, or needing help from someone older.  Good job AG!

The shirt is amply cut as well, no issues with it staying tucked in to the overalls:

The shoes are cute, I would have preferred them in a different color though.  I don’t quite understand why the Wellie Wishers shoes all have to be bizarre colors that really don’t go with anything else.  😦   Super easy to get on though.  Wellie Wisher shoes remind me a lot of the Our Generation shoes.

The kerchief/bandana piece is very cute, I really liked it.  It’s elasticized, so just a matter of slipping it over the head and then pulling it up over.  Smaller kids might need a bit of help with this, but it isn’t super tight, so it’s easy to do.

Overall, a very cute outfit and I give it an A.  I definitely think it’s one that you should add to your Wellie Wisher collection if you don’t already have it, not only is it cute as a set, but I also think it has a lot of mix and match potential because of the colors and styles of the pieces.


Stay tuned, I am WAY behind on reviews of products, so a lot more of those coming soon!!!

Coolspring, Summer 2018

Hi everyone, it’s Mimi again!  I’ve had an awesome summer and it’s not even over yet!  I got to go to Ireland at the end of the school year, and not long after we got back, mom asked me if I’d like to go to Coolspring to meet up with her friend Xyra.  I said yes of course!!

It takes about an hour and a half to get to Coolspring from home, but it seemed like it took forever.  I couldn’t wait to see who came along with Xyra, you just never know who it might be.  Mom knew, but she didn’t tell me.  So you can imagine how excited I was to meet the one and only Mel from Tea Time with Melody Q!

The grounds at Coolspring are really nice, and there are so many things to see.  This was one of the new buildings that mom hadn’t seen yet, it had so many engines in it!

There are benches all over the grounds that you can sit on and they are dedicated to different people who have been involved with Coolspring.  You can imagine how surprised mom was when she recognized the name of one of the bench honorees.  He passed away several years ago, but mom knew him from a camera club she used to belong to.

We also went to the “friends” building where they had more engines along with stuff to eat.  And this cool mini demonstration!  Mel and I were both kind of mesmerized by it, it was just our size.

Mom said it wouldn’t be a trip to the Coolspring Power Museum without ice cream for lunch!!!  It was soooo good, I can see why she suggested it.  She did inform me that I would have to eat a reasonable dinner later on though.

After our refreshing lunch, we went to the building that Xyra and her husband Franz run.  Mel knew all sorts of things about the engine there and she gave me the grand tour.

The engines at Coolspring were used for all sorts of different things–pumping water, natural gas, oil, you name it!  I’m thinking this might make for a very interesting report for history class, what do you think?

Mom spotted this two burner gas fired stove in the corner, she said that they had one at their old house.  It had belonged to her mom, it was hooked up in the basement and made a safe place for grandma when she was canning and wanted to use her pressure cooker.  Later mom told me they also used it once in a while when the weather was really hot and they didn’t want to heat up the kitchen just to cook.  And a few times when the regular stove wasn’t working.  It was pretty cool, kind of a camp stove.

Pretty soon it was time for us to head home since we had a long drive.  Mel and Xyra walked with us to our car.  I was sad to have to go, but Mel and I agreed we would keep in touch.  Melody is also good friends with my friend Louisa, maybe someday the three of us can get together, wouldn’t that be fun?!

The Coolspring Power Museum is a very interesting place.  If you’d like to read more about it, you can check out the posts over at Tea Time with Melody Q, do a search using “Coolspring” and you are sure to find it.  You can also check out the museum website:

Hope you enjoyed my post!



And Now For Something Completely Different (review of Sindy accessory set)

Any other Monty Python fans here?  I thought this title was appropriate since I’m reviewing a product that isn’t readily sold in the US–or at least not that I’m aware of!  While we were in Ireland, we spent a bit of time shopping in Tesco.  Tesco is a retailer along the lines of Target, but their main focus is grocery with all of the other stuff added in.  I’d been in Tesco’s many times before, both in Ireland and the UK and I have to admit, I love going there because you just never know what you might find.  On this particular journey across the pond we came home with chocolates (sorry, I ate it all),  3 belts (for the hubby), socks (I didn’t take enough, oops!), and this set:

Let me give you a little background on Sindy–originally introduced in 1963, Sindy was an 11 inch doll that was comparable to Barbie.  Sindy’s history has been interesting to say the least with the poor gal being bounced around, even involved in a lawsuit.  In 2016 Tesco announced they would be relaunching Sindy as an 18 inch doll.  I just wonder how much the popularity of American Girl influenced that decision… (things that make you go hmmm…)

I was really surprised at just how much stuff they had for Sindy, this particular Tesco store wasn’t a big one.  They had several different dolls, quite a few clothes and several accessory sets.  I was very tempted to buy one of the outfits, but I was concerned about them not fitting, so I opted for one of the accessory sets instead.  I thought this one was especially cute, and I’ll be honest–I’m a sucker for a doll sized backpack.  Plus Mimi needed stuff for when schools starts!

Here is everything out of the package:

I thought it was a nice assortment of items, all things kids these days would probably own.  The phone even is made with a place to slide it on to the hand.  I will say I struggled to get Mimi to hold it though, I suspect that Sindy’s hand might be a different size or configuration.  But, it works, and I could always secure it with a clear hair band.

Here is Mimi modeling several of the other items as well:

The bracelet is elasticized so it slips on easily.  I loved the messenger bag, it’s really well done and just slipped over her head easily.  The glasses are a little bit big, but I think they will be nice to have for all of my Josefina mold dolls like Rebecca, Christine, Allie and Sophia since their faces are just slightly wider.

The backpack is also very well done, and fits nicely!

I thought it was finished well too, the only thing I wish had been different were the straps, they were made out of ribbon, I would have rather have seen them made of a more authentic looking material.  Oh well.

The headphones fit very well, I was super pleased with these!!  Mimi…Mimi…MIMI!!!  You can take them off now!

I didn’t do anything with the hairbows for this review since Mimi doesn’t really have the right hair for it. 😉  They are very simple though, elastics run through them for pony tails.  They will go into my rather full container of hair accessories.

I was very pleased with this set, and I’m really glad I picked it up.  It was 12.99 Euros which is around $15 in US dollars, not bad at all.  After I got home, I pulled up the Tesco’s website to see what else was available, and looky what I found… look familiar anyone???

Unfortunately not long after we got back, Tesco did a major revamp of their website and you can no longer pull up Sindy on it.  😦  I need to do some further research to see if Sindy is available somewhere else.

If you’d like to read more about Sindy, there is a lot of information on Wikipedia!  I know my friends in the UK and Ireland regularly reminisce about their Sindy dolls and all of the things they had for them.