The Rest Of Mimi’s Goodies

Some of you may remember that when I ordered Mimi, the accessory set I wanted was on backorder, so in order to get her quicker, I ordered a different one with her and added another set to be shipped later.  It finally arrived!  I also did the free One Of A Kind Doll Tee, and it arrived about the same time, so I figured I’d combine both of those items together in one post.

I’ll do the tee first.  Let me just say that this whole idea is cool, but the execution on it, well…it leaves a lot to be desired.  First off, it took a lot longer to get here than what I was originally quoted.  They said 4 weeks, it took almost 6 and I see now that if you order any of the custom stuff, it’s taking 8!  Not sure what the problem is, if it’s a supply issue or demand has been higher than expected.

Then it arrived in a GIANT padded envelope.  Shipped FedEx.  I can’t believe how much expense they went to in order to ship it, it was ridiculous.  The envelope had to be an 11 x 16 inch size, I laughed when I got it.

Here’s the shirt:

The material is very thin, not a very good quality at all.  So thin in fact, you can see the designs that they printed on the inside of the shirt!

Not sure what this number pertains to, I’m assuming it was a production serial number or something?

This annoyed me even more.  I don’t recall seeing anywhere that this was an option, they had to have taken the info for the name from what I used when I ordered Mimi.  I would have not bothered, and had I wanted to give this as a gift, I would have been very irritated.

The fit on the shirt is good, but I think for a shirt like this, it really should have set in sleeves.  I am less than impressed with this whole idea, very poorly done.  The interface was difficult to use online (when you could get it to work at all), the shirt quality is average at best and I wasn’t thrilled with the selection of designs either.  All sorts of stuff for sports and not a single thing for music??? Seriously???  I’m glad it was part of the package, now that I have done it my curiosity is satisfied.  I certainly wouldn’t spend $14 to purchase one.  I’d much rather spend that money on a quality shirt from an Etsy seller.

On to the accessory set!  I ordered the “Let’s Smile” accessory set when I ordered Mimi to go with her outfit.  I ordered her towards the end of March and I finally received it the end of June which was earlier than their estimated shipping date of mid July.  This was definitely worth the wait, although a bit pricey at $30.

It came with the purse, pen, notebook, necklace and cup of hot cocoa.  So cute!!! The notebook fit in the purse too, that was nice.  The necklace I’m not real impressed with, it’s made of a cord that doesn’t want to lay as nice as it should.  I’ll probably mess with it some to see if I can make it work better.  I think whoever designed it was relying on the weight of the butterfly pendant to help and it doesn’t cut it.

Here’s a shot of the inside of the purse, I think it’s a bit bigger than many of the other AG purses.  I did like that the flap is lined, just like a real purse would be.

The notebook actually has lines in it!  I have purchased sets with notebooks in from other companies and usually the pages are just a blank white, so this was a nice touch.  I like that it’s stitched too as opposed to stapled.

Here’s my favorite part of the whole set…

Not only did they draw a design in the hot chocolate, but I love how they replicated bubbles, just like you would see in an actual cup of cocoa!! It’s little details like this that are so important.

Mimi is ready to head out the door!  Have fun at band practice!

I did have a bit of trouble getting the purse to stay on her shoulder, the chain strap causes it to want to roll off a bit.  Not sure how to improve on that.

Overall a very cute set, I’m glad I decided to order it in addition to the set that came with Mimi.  I haven’t been in to the Create Your Own section lately, but I know that at least one outfit and one accessory set have been discontinued.  I’d love to know how this line is doing,  if it’s going to be continued and if we will see new outfits and accessories in the new future.  There have been several announcements recently of things they are retiring and I’m wondering if the powers that be are looking for some new directions to take the company in light of recent events.

7 thoughts on “The Rest Of Mimi’s Goodies

  1. Wow, while the shirt looks cute on Mimi, the detailed photos of the quality sure are lacking. Can’t believe there are random numbers sprayed inside of the shirt!

    • I just thought it was very poor quality all around. Certainly didn’t live up to my expectations at all!

  2. I love the accessories set. I never thing to buy any of these as I am collecting so many different doll lines, but I agree..the hot cocoa is great! I’ve been away from blogging for a bit as life is just busy with the kids and work, so I’m not sure if you’ve posted about it, but just curious about your thoughts regarding the new AG eyes that have everyone in an uproar. I think they look terrible! It’s a shame, once again. Sounds like another “permapanty” debacle!

    • I’ve read about the new eyes, but I haven’t actually seen a doll in person yet. I wish they would quit playing around though. It makes me hesitant to buy any new dolls now though. (Not like I need anymore to begin with…)

  3. I love that purse! The cocoa is adorable too! Not too sure about the shirt quality, but the design you chose is cute. I’ve been out of the AG game lately as it seems they have shut down their Canadian site, or at least when I try to access it, it just goes to the American site instead. Not sure if that means no more ordering from Canada or not, although we can still order AG items through Chapters even if the variety is lacking. Shipping was alway atrocious anyway, so it’s not the end of the world for me. There is always eBay. 🙂

    ginnie /

    • Oh no about the Canadian site! The shipping is ridiculous between here and Canada, even worse for the UK and Ireland. I’ve quit mailing gifts to anyone outside of the US, and now even within the US is getting pricey.

      • Shipping is absolutely atrocious. I was going to try opening an Etsy shop, but shipping would cost more than the item. It costs about $30 to ship a small box 10X10 across Canada. It’s insane. I shipped a light packet bubble envelope to Edmonton 6 hours away, and it cost me $17. Trouble is Canada Post has such a huge monopoly that they can pretty much just charge whatever they want. 😦

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