Review of Tenney’s Microphone Set

I was very excited when this set came available as this was one thing The Beacons were missing!  And at $15, it was very affordable, so I wasted no time in ordering it.  Good thing too because now I can’t find it on the AG website, plus they announced that Tenney is going to be retired.   Seems now the only way you can get it is if you order the bundle which is $35 and it doesn’t include all the parts.  Or if you buy Tenney’s stage set, you get the microphone and the tambourine.  Why in the world did they do that?

Here it is in the box:

Here is everything out of the box.  You get the stand, microphone, tambourine and a trophy.

I thought it was all cute.  The trophy is just okay, it says “Nashville Rising Star Award 2017” on it.  I think I’m going to make a label so it says something else at some point because that kind of limits what you can do with it.

I talked Christine into helping me with this so you can see that it’s properly sized.


The part where the microphone goes in adjusts so you can put it at different angles.  Unfortunately the stand is not adjustable as far as height, so if your shorter dolls are going to use it, they are going to have to stand on a box!

It was easy for Christine to hold the microphone.  I am really happy to see AG doing this with more items.

Same with the tambourine, and it actually makes noise when you shake it.

A nice little set, well worth the $15, even if you don’t use the trophy/award piece.  Now I just hope they bring it back so others can pick it up as well, even if it’s as a Truly Me set.




5 thoughts on “Review of Tenney’s Microphone Set

  1. I looked at it but I have Melody’s microphone and tamborine already and a bunch of hand held My Life As microphones too (to go with my collection of 18″ musical instruments lol). I’m very surprised by how quickly they are retiring Tenney given what a huge collection she launched with (at least twice the size of Gabby, the “official” GOTY, except they didn’t bother to give her the full GOTY treatment).

    • I think the “early” retirement gives more credence to her having been a GOTY over Gabriela who still feels like an after thought.

      • Agreed! I do wonder though what is going on within the company, it seems to have totally lost it’s direction.

  2. Hey Christine, nice to see you again! For some reason this post didn’t show up in my WP reader. Weird.
    This mic is perfect for The Beacons!

    • Hi guys, tell Rebecca I said hello!!

      I think I need to do a post with the Beacons in the not too distant future!

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