Vacation, Part 3

Happy 4th of July everyone!  Sorry this is a little bit behind, we had planned to post this next installment sooner, but we got busy with a couple of other things and it just didn’t happen.  But, better late than never!!

We spent a good bit of time in Waterford since it was close by, but also because one of mom’s friends owns a gift shop there!  Waterford is Ireland’s oldest city and it is a very interesting place.  We did a tour of Reginald’s Tower, it was really cool with tiny circular stone staircases.  You had to be careful not to hit your head!  (well, I didn’t, but mom and dad did 😉  )

Reginald’s Tower is in the part of Waterford known as the Viking Triangle.  You can see it on this cool 3d “map”!

We walked around that area a bit and came upon Christ Church Cathedral.  Mom really enjoyed it, because it’s not as old as some of the cathedrals in the UK and Europe, it looks completely different inside.

Next door to it is the Bishop’s Palace.  It’s now a museum with a cool café in the back where we had an awesome lunch.  Mom is now addicted to goat cheese on a salad.

We wandered around down by the water a bit.

Waterford was really fun to see, I really enjoyed it.  Jerry of course was still wanting to go back to the beach…

On our way back to Tramore, we stopped at a VERY cool toy store.  I will post about that in our next (and last) post about the trip.  We did go to the local pub later that night where the brother and dad of another one of mom’s friends played in a traditional Irish band, it was so great to get to hear them!  Mom is in the process of posting the videos she did on her YouTube page, you can check one of them out here:

Hope you enjoyed this post from our trip, hope to get the last one up over the weekend!  In the meantime, have a safe and fun 4th of July!!



2 thoughts on “Vacation, Part 3

  1. Happy Independence Day! Vikings and a stunning cathedral plus music at the pub! Man, I wish I could have stowed away with you! So glad you got to go Mimi. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

    I love goat cheese on salad! Aldi has goat cheese crumbles in a tub. Pizzeria Uno has a great berries and greens salad with it.

    Looking forward to more!

    PS Lea nominated Jenny for the AG Q&A Tag.

    • We need to finish uploading the videos of the band, I think we have 11 clips of nearly whole songs. So fun.

      Right now I’m in search of Hallouimi cheese, I guess Trader Joe’s sells it, so I’ll look next time I’m in the city.

      Thanks for the nomination!

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