Vacation, Part 2

Hello again!  I have some really nice photos to share with everyone from our trip to Ireland in this post.  We went to the town of Kilkenny which was north of where we were staying.  Since school wasn’t out, we had to do something “educational”, so mom thought a visit to Kilkenny castle was a good idea.  It was really a very interesting place and I thought it was especially pretty.

Kilkenny Castle was built in the 13th century and was inhabited up until 1935.  The Butler family owned it for over 600 years until the 1960’s when they turned it over to the town of Kilkenny for a payment of only 50 British Pounds!! Converted to US dollars, that’s just $65 today and probably way less back in the 1960’s.   Can you imagine buying a castle for that little money?  It’s very pretty and there have been many refurbishments and restorations done to it since then.


I especially liked this room with all of the antique toys in it!  Isn’t it cool??

The long portrait gallery was impressive as well, mom said it reminded her of a room at Windsor Castle.

From various points in the castle you could see the town of Kilkenny when you looked out the windows.

After a quick snack in the tea room at the castle, we decided to go on a mini-train tour of the city.  Mom forgot to get a photo of the train, this one is from the website.  It was really fun, we got to see a lot of the different parts of the city.

It was really interesting to see all of the different buildings.  At one point we actually got kind of stuck, the driver took the train up through an alley, but there was a van parked in the way!  We had to wait while the owner of the van moved it, definitely an interesting moment on the tour.

It was really an interesting tour, we all had fun.  Well, everyone except Jerry.  He wanted to go back to the beach.

After the tour, mom wanted to do a little bit of shopping.  There was this fantastic group of shops right across the street from the castle (and not far from where we parked).  She was so happy to find a pretty Irish Aran style cardigan, actually made in the Aran Islands as well as a ring and a Christmas ornament.  They didn’t have any toys though, darn!  I made up for that later in the week though…

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    • Yes, it was definitely bright! Steeler colors 😉 They had another one that was cream and burgundy, not quite as eye popping.

    • I’ll have to check that song out, thanks for the Kleenex warning!

      Jerry just wanted to go to the beach, that was all he had on his mind LOL

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