Hey guys, it’s Mimi here!  Some of you who follow us on Instagram already know that we went on a bit of an adventure last month, but for those who aren’t on IG, here goes!  (Plus, there will be a lot more photos on here that we didn’t post on the account, bonus!!)

To be honest, I wasn’t even sure I was going to get to go.  But at the last minute it turned out that there was space for me to travel along, I was so excited!  I’d never been on a plane before, so I was a little bit nervous.  We had to fly from Pittsburgh to JFK airport in New York, and while we were there, dad bought me something to snuggle with.  Isn’t it cool?  Not everyone has a pillow that looks like an airplane.

From JFK we flew to our final destination.  Are you ready???? We went to…


Yup, the Emerald Isle!  And yes, it’s very green.  Mom said that it’s really no greener than Pennsylvania during the summer months, but it retains it’s green color almost year round for several reasons.  It’s a much warmer climate, it rarely gets close to freezing, even in the winter months.  And it generally doesn’t get very hot either during the summer months, so most of the plant life there doesn’t die off from temperature extremes.  Plus, they don’t have a lot of trees like we do, so you just see field after field of green as you fly over.

Why Ireland?  Mom has a very good friend who lives there and she’s been wanting to visit.  She lives in a small town in southern Ireland called Tramore.  It’s a beach town and I imagine during the summer months it is very busy with people coming to swim, snorkel and visit the carnival set up near the beach.  It was a very relaxed place and we had a lot of fun while we were there.

We took Jerry along with us.  He was definitely beach ready!

Tramore is perfectly situated for a drive along the scenic Copper Coast.  Thanks to great directions printed out by our hosts at the B & B we stayed at, we got to see all the little coves and inlets.  Part of the way it looked like we might get rained on a bit, but somehow we managed to avoid it and got lots of really pretty pictures of the scenery.

This cove is where people who are serious swimmers go, the water is very deep.  It was very busy when we were there because it was unusually hot for Ireland that week.  Originally it was a “men’s only” club, but now both men and women are permitted to swim here.

The views from this location were just amazing.  See those three towers off in the distance?  There’s a man at the top of one of them–well, not a real man, but a figure of a man.  It’s called “The Metal Man”.

The towers were built after a tragic accident in the early 19th century.  It’s a very interesting story, if you’d like to read more about it, you can here:

Unfortunately the pillars are on private land and near a dangerous cliff, so you can’t get very close.  At least not legally.  There is a legend about hopping around the Metal Man 3 times and you’ll be married within the year.  We didn’t bother, we just got a photo from behind!


There are plenty of pretty beaches and coves along the Copper Coast, we stopped at several different ones.  They were all so picturesque!

Jerry and I had some fun at one of the beaches.  WELL, I had fun.  Jerry just wanted to sunbathe!

We ended up in the town of Dungarvan where we had dinner.  It’s a really pretty town, mom said it reminded her a lot of one of her favorite places in Northern England, a town called Thirsk.

Mom and dad both thought this sign was especially cool, Erie isn’t far from home and one of dad’s oldest friends went to school at Mercyhurst in Erie, Pennsylvania!

The drive back was very pretty.  We did encounter an “Irish traffic jam”! (giggle!)

We also saw this abandoned copper mine along the way.  This is the reason this drive is called The Copper Coast, there used to be many mines along here.  This is the only one that we saw that has been preserved as a landmark.

We saw tons of these flowers along the drive as well.  Mom said it looked like Mother Nature had hung hanging baskets all along the way, don’t you agree?

Earlier that day we ventured into Waterford (pictures of that later) and stopped by the gift shop that the brother of my mom’s friend owns.  He told us that there was a cruise ship docked at Dunmore East, so we decided to go check it out!  Dunmore East is a very pretty little town, and they frequently bring cruise ships in there because it’s always deep enough for them.  They shuttle passengers back and forth on little boats called dinghy’s.  Once ashore, they can either hang out in Dunmore East, or catch a tour bus to take them into Waterford or to some of the other interesting sights in the area.

Mom said it reminded her a lot of the town “Port Wenn” in the British television show “Doc Martin”.  (The real name of the town where it is filmed is called Port Isaac.)

Oh–almost forgot!  Mom and I got a chuckle out of this sign.  After she posted it to her personal Instagram account, one of her friends said “I didn’t know cars could swim”!!! (hee hee!)

I have more pictures to share with everyone, be sure to check back in a couple of days.  Ireland is so pretty, I hope everyone enjoys the photos!  Slán!  (that’s Gaelic for goodbye!)

7 thoughts on “Vacation!!!

  1. Wow! Such wonderful photos of the beautiful scenery. It looks like you had a great time. Was there a large cliff near the car sign? The signs around here with a car and two squiggly lines under it to indicate the road may be slippery- my brother thought the signs indicated tire biting snakes in the area!

    • Thanks! Yes, there was a cliff nearby although you would have had to do some crazy stuff to have your car just fall off it LOL! That’s hilarious about the slippery road sign!

    • It’s always a fun place to visit, actually now tied with Disneyworld as our most visited destination.

      • If I do a lifetime consideration, Ohio is my most visited destination (my grandparents lived in Ashville). 🙂

  2. GORGEOUS! Love the flowers. Yes, I completely agree the groupings make it look like Mother Nature either put in hanging baskets or invisible planters.

    The beaches are lovely. So glad you and Jerry had fun exploring them.

    Yikes! Cars going over cliffs. I wonder haw many times it happened before they got a sign for it.

    Love the Erie, PA mention. Did you know the movie That Thing You Do was based in Erie (sort of)?

    Looking forward to seeing more of your vacation!

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