It’s Mini Gabby!!!

I have a couple of the mini dolls and really had no plans to buy anymore of them.  And then I saw mini Gabriela and I just had to have her, she is so cute!!!

I love how detailed her outfit is.

And look at those curls!!!!  Hers are a little bit squished from being in the box, but I’m sure they will pop back in no time.

And of course, she comes with a mini book.  I love how American Girl does these to go with the mini dolls, they are such a nice touch.  (although you’d need a microscope to actually read them!)

Who does she belong to here?  Well, Marie-Grace fell in love with her instantly since she reminds her so much of her friend Cecile!

Now the girls have a new member for the doll club!  They are in the process of organizing their first official meeting, hopefully it will be soon.

6 thoughts on “It’s Mini Gabby!!!

    • I’m still thinking about how I want to incorporate it into a storyline. I love what Emily did with hers over at She’ll Go Down In Herstory.

  1. She’s adorable! I still hope to get Gabby eventually (the larger version), but now I may have to add mini Gabby to my list as well! She’s the only “Girl of the Year” I’ve actually be interested in collecting as a mini doll. Thanks for sharing!

    • I agree, she is one of the cutest ones they’ve ever done. I’m done buying the 18″ dolls for now, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop buying mini’s LOL!

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