She has a name!!

Someone recently asked me if I’d ever decided on a name for my Create Your Own American Girl doll.  It was a tough choice, but I had several different ones that stood out.  One was fairly high on the list, but after a comment a friend made, it finally became her name.

So, officially introducing:

Mackenzie!  Her whole name is Mackenzie Leigh Hett.  Her family calls her “Mimi” because she looks just like her mom and they joke that she’s her “Mini Me”.  Her friends call her Kenzie, but she answers to both!

I’m sure you are wondering how I came up with her name.  I’ve always liked the name Mackenzie and it was high in the running for what I would finally pick.  Then Xyra (from Tea Time With Melody Q) suggested Mimi since it kind of fit the whole mini-me type theme, and I thought it would work well with Mackenzie as far as a story.  I’m also a fan of NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles, and I liked the shortened version of Kenzie.  It all fits because I actually go by three different names myself and since she is supposed to be me in a way, it all works!  I thought Leigh worked well with Mackenzie and I know many people with that as their middle name.

Her last name is in memory of a young man killed in the Manchester UK bombing last year.  Martyn Hett was a vibrant young man in his 20’s who was at the Arianna Grande concert when a terrorist set off a bomb in the arena, killing multiple people.  I remember in the hours after the bombing, family of people who were missing posting photos of their loved ones all over Twitter in hopes of finding them.  Martyn’s photo hit home for me because he was a member of the Coronation Street fandom that I’m very involved in, and when we all learned the truth that he had been killed, it was a horrible moment.  Martyn’s sense of humor and love of Coronation Street will always be remembered.  Just to give you an idea of the impact his death had on fans, the cast and creators of the show, a bench in Martyn’s memory is actually now on the set.  You can read about it here:

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we recently went on a big adventure and Mimi got to go along with us. Stay tuned for photos and stories soon!

9 thoughts on “She has a name!!

  1. Love her name and the thought behind it. Can’t wait to see her new adventures.

    • Thanks! I still need to go through the pics on the camera and my phone and sort them out. I need a vacation to recover from vacation. 😉

  2. Mini is a great name and what a wonderful way to keep Martyn Hett’s memory alive by honoring him with your “mini me”‘s last name. 🙂 She’s so cute! I love the thought you put in to naming your dolls.

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