Review of Our Generation Fun Fur Fall Outfit

There is nothing that drives me bananas than to see an Our Generation outfit online and pass on it, only to decide I want it–and then it’s sold out.  Such has been the case for quite some time with the Fun Fur Fall outfit.  I recently noticed it was available on the Target website again, and we just happened to have a trip out of town for a family event.  We had a little time to kill so we stopped at the nearby Target, and I finally got my hands on this outfit.  YES!!!

This was one of the easier outfits I’ve had to get out of the package.  A few snips of a couple of strings on the top made it possible to pull most everything loose and get at the remaining strings.  For once I didn’t have to tear the packaging to shreds to get at tape and plastic tabs!

Here it is on a doll.  And in case you are wondering, yes the vest is crooked.  I did that on purpose.  It’s not the vest itself that is crooked but whoever sewed on the Velcro didn’t line it up properly.  Grrr…  It doesn’t make it impossible to close, but you would think that they would be a little more careful!

We will start with the boots.  I actually thought these weren’t too bad, and they went on the doll easily.  Getting them off wasn’t too bad either, I know of times where I’ve felt as though I would need a crowbar to get OG boots off an American Girl doll.  I will keep these, they would be great for times when I want to take a doll out in actual snow for a photo shoot and I won’t have to worry about something getting ruined.

The vest is adorable and the main reason I wanted this outfit.  Other than the Velcro issue, it’s actually very nice and fits the doll perfectly.  I love the faux fur trip on the collar too, I think it’s a nice added touch.  I love the color of this vest too, I’m glad it’s not some weird color.  Many years ago I had a vest in about this shade.

The shirt is cute.  I’m not wild about the sleeves not being longer though seeing as this is more of a cold weather outfit.  At least I can pair it with other things.  When I got it out of the package I wasn’t sure how well it was going to fit, but it actually fits well.

The pants…what in the world were they thinking?  Silver????  I am definitely not a fan of these, and especially not with this outfit.  I’m not sure what I’ll use them for, but I would much rather pair the other items with anything but these.  This is one of my biggest issues with OG clothing, some of the color combinations/selections are absolutely bizarre!!

Overall, I would give this outfit a B+, taking points off for the misaligned Velcro and the weird pants.  I luckily got it on sale for $10.99.  I am still very happy I found it though, the top and the vest will get a lot of use around here.

Raindrops on roses…

Pardon me, just having a Julie Andrews moment there!!  But honest, there’s a reason for it.  We’re going to talk about some of my favorite things in my doll collection.  Anyone who collects anything understands that there is always something (or a few somethings) that stand out as being a favorite.  Whether it’s an item you always wanted and finally got your hands on,  that accessory that you always wished they made and finally did, or just that special piece that tickled your fancy the minute you laid your eyes on, it’s definitely a special item that you makes you feel a certain way.  I have a couple of things that fall into a number of categories.  These are in no particular order, just how I came across them.

Louisa’s cherry dress


I have a fixation with cherry print clothing, accessories and other things.  I wanted a cherry print dress for the doll collection and had looked at quite a few, but when I saw this one, I knew it was “the one”.  Louisa wears it quite often, it looks so great on her!

Cassandra’s Cancun t-shirt


When I decided to take Cassandra with us to Mexico, I asked my friend Maggie from “If Dolls Could Dream” if she’d ever seen any embroidery patterns that would fit a Mexican theme.  She said she hadn’t, but would keep her eye out.  As luck would have it, Maggie then remembered she had picked up a t-shirt in a thrift store with a Cancun logo, and next thing I knew, there was a wonderful surprise package in my mailbox!  This is definitely a very special piece of clothing in the doll wardrobe and Cassandra doesn’t share it with anyone.

Peach colored sandals from the “Shimmer & Lace Party Dress” set

I remember seeing this outfit over at Mini Mad and thinking it was very cute, especially the sandals.  I wasn’t prepared for just how cute they were going to be in person!!  I’m still wishing they made human sized ones.

Grace Thomas’ Mixer set

This whole set is well thought out, but what sold it for me was the mixer.  Just perfect for anyone who has a fixation with Kitchenaid mixers! (like me)

Adventure Pop Up Camper


It’s not often that I look at the new releases on their first day and get as excited as I did for this item.  I had to have it, and I’ll be honest–I’m cheap.  But it was just the coolest thing I’d seen in a long time, and I ordered it within days of it’s release.  I hope it’s something that AG keeps in their collection for quite a while so others can pick it up and enjoy it as much as I do!

Melody’s Electric Piano

Another item I just had to have, and I was totally impressed with how well it works!  As someone who has played piano for many years, it was a “must have” for my collection.  I’d always wanted the grand piano, but it was just too big for the doll house.  This was just right.

Guitar Set

Yeah, I have a soft spot for musical instruments and this one is probably one of the best that AG has ever come out with.  The attention to detail on it is amazing, right down to the case and the books.  In fact, the one book is the same one I use in real life!  I was really sad when AG discontinued this set.  Tenney’s guitar is very well done too, but it doesn’t come with a case or actual guitar books.

That’s it, my favorite items in my collection!  What are some of the items in your collection that are favorites?