A Sad Post/Raising Awareness

This morning I learned that Bella of the Instagram account @THENOOKDOLLS passed away.  I was truly saddened to learn this as I’ve been following her journey over the past few months and thought perhaps she might actually beat cancer.  RIP Bella.

To those of you who don’t know about Bella–she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer that is most prevalent in teens and young adults.  She had undergone many different treatments for it, and hearing of the side effects of some of these treatments was heart wrenching.  Despite all of her days of feeling awful from her treatments, she and her mother started their own charity through Angels of Hope.  Bella and her mom donated dolls to hospitals in various locations.  Here is a link to an article about the work Bella and her mom were doing that was written in October of 2017.  http://www.greercitizen.com/news/teen-mission-hope

One post that Bella made on her Instagram account really hit home for me.  I knew something about this from when the granddaughter of a friend was diagnosed with cancer, but I never knew the actual statistics until Bella talked about it.  DID YOU KNOW:  Only 4% of the money raised for cancer research goes towards childhood cancer???  That is only 4 cents out of every dollar donated!  Yet every day in the United States, approximately 700 children are diagnosed with cancer.  That’s outrageous!!  Many of these kids are treated with experimental procedures because there are no protocols in place.  Long story short, they are turned into science experiments.  This needs to change.

Bella was such an inspiration to many, and I hope that as a community, all of her fellow American Girl friends will keep her memory alive.  She was an outstanding photographer, survivor and just an all around generous person.  We need more Bella’s in this world.  She will be missed by many.


6 thoughts on “A Sad Post/Raising Awareness

  1. It’s so much harder when we feel unfairness with loss because we want meaning so desperately. Bella’s life and loss contained so much meaning. Thank you for illuminating this corner of the empty space with such a beautiful tribute.

  2. A beautiful tribute.Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Also sending hugs and love in light of your loss; you may not have met her in person, but you knew a lot about her and she touched your heart and soul.

    • As I read different posts about her, it’s obvious she touched so many people with her kindness and generosity. I hope that those who read this learn from that and continue to pay it forward.

  3. This is truly very sad. I am a dialysis nurse and while I don’t work with kids any more , I do see a lot of sadness and suffering.
    Losing young patients hits you the hardest.

    • My mom made it part way through nurses training and that was one of the reasons she decided to get out–she couldn’t deal with the sick kids. And back when she was training, it wasn’t so specialized, so you couldn’t select an area where you were less likely to encounter them.

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