Book Group–Meet Felicity

Hello everyone!  It’s bookgroup time again and this month we are going to discuss Meet Felicity!

I hope everyone was able to find a copy of it so they can participate in the discussion!  I had never read any of the books in Felicity’s series before this.  I borrowed Evil Twin’s set, and I’m so glad I did.

Felicity’s stories are set in Williamsburg, VA during Colonial times, just before the Revolutionary War.  This is a time period that is of particular interest to me, so I was anxious to see how it was depicted in the books.  I thought that Valerie Tripp did a terrific job in explaining some of the details pertaining to this era, particularly women’s dress and some of the day to day occurrences for a young girl growing up in this time period.  I think it’s easy for us to forget that everything was not as simple as it is today, and that something as simple as the clothing you wore could be very complicated!  I sure wouldn’t want to have to wear a corset or stiffeners, they sound downright uncomfortable.

I loved that Felicity is a bit of a tomboy and very independent in her thoughts.  She reminded me a bit of Kit in how she didn’t want to do the things that were necessarily expected of her as a girl.  I also really enjoyed how she came to discover Penny, and how their relationship evolved throughout the book.  I was especially surprised at how the book ended, and I’m anxious now to read the others as well!

We do have a nasty character in this book, but unlike most of the Girl Of The Year books, the nasty character is an adult!  The copy write date on Meet Felicity is 1991, but I thought it very relevant to many things we have going on in today’s world that we see on the news on a regular basis.  I don’t want to say too much and spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet, but it’s definitely something to think about as you read.  We also have a developing friendship for Felicity that comes as a bit of a surprise.  I will be curious to see if this is continued throughout the rest of the series.

Meet Felicity is a very quick read, as are most of the earlier historical books.  I always enjoy the section at the back of these where they talk about different things from the past and explain them to the reader.  Overall, I liked Meet Felicity, I wouldn’t say that it was one of my favorites, but I liked the subject matter and how it was presented.

What did you think?

For April we will be reading Saige.  There will be no book group again until October, I will announce the books for then sometime over the summer. 

The Room Rearrangement

“Thanks for coming over to help me Jenny!  I knew I couldn’t move all of this furniture around by myself, and Marie-Grace had riding lessons today.”

“No problem Rebecca, I’m happy to help!”

“Let’s see, first we need to get this dresser out of the way…”

“The stereo needs to go to the living room.  We don’t use it in here anymore, we have all of our music on our smart phones now.”

“And this is going to go to the attic until someone else decides they need it or we have a big yard sale!”

“Now we just need to start sliding the desk over there…”

“Wow Rebecca, that wasn’t hard to move at all with two of us!”

“I agree, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Except now I’m not sure what to do with the poster, it’s hidden.  Hmm…”

“It’s so pretty, I’m sure you can find somewhere else for it.”


“Perfect!  I kind of feel bad that it wouldn’t fit in Cassandra’s room, but I am going to love having it in here!”

“What do you want Lulu?  You want to come up here?”

“Oh great.  It’s now a dog bed.  UGH!!!!”

“This is not what I was expecting…”

Do the pets in your house always take over the best seat in the house?????


Review of My Life As Kitchen Island Set

Before Christmas there were some really cool sets released by My Life As.  Finding them was a bit hit and miss around here, not all of our Walmarts had them, but I did get to see them at one out of town when we stopped.  I didn’t buy anything though, and later on I was kicking myself when I saw some other photos of the Kitchen Island Set.  Walmart’s website wasn’t much help over the holidays in finding it either, it was on the website sometimes, but not all the time, so trying to check inventory was next to impossible.  Finally though, right around Valentine’s Day, I discovered it on the website.  Unfortunately the only store near me was 45 minutes away but the good news was  it was on clearance from $28.88 down to $19.00.  I decided it was worth the drive, and I wasn’t wrong.  The hardest part though was finding it once I arrived at the store!   I got a workout if nothing else.

The usual My Life As packaging.  It wasn’t too difficult to get it out of the packaging either.

First we will look at the accessories.

The mixer is actually quite nice.  I think it’s slightly large, but not horrible.  I’ve included a pic of it with the AG/Grace Thomas mixer.  It doesn’t work though, it’s strictly pretend.

Two baking pans, a cookie sheet and a muffin pan.  These are both a nice size.

A storage “basket”, four mixing bowls in two different sizes and two utensils.  I like that the utensils have handles on them so dolls can actually hold them.

A recipe box and two cook books.  They could have left these out, they are poorly done.  I had a horrible time getting the lid on the recipe box, and it’s way too big to be the right scale.  The cookbooks are flimsy, have no type inside and were taped together.  I had to very carefully pull the tape off.  Why do they do that?

The island itself is just awesome!

A nice little oven.  Although I was kind of puzzled as to why there were just the hooks on the side and then I realized that the pans hooked on them.  Not real wild about this, may have to make some actual oven racks.

The drawer below the oven, beside it and a bin (garbage or potatoes?) all open.  I was disappointed to find that the drawers at the top didn’t open.

On the opposite side of the island we have lots of shelf space for storage…

And these drawers do open!!!  (YAY!!)

The top of the island is made to look like faux marble.

On one end we have two hooks for tools and on the other we have a towel bar.  Except I think they should have been reversed, the towel bar by the sink would have made more sense.  Hmmmmm…


Here it is with the mixer sitting on it and some of the items on the shelves.  Everything that comes with the set fits inside with the exception of the mixer.

I think this set is very well done, and I give it an A+++ .  I just wish My Life As (and Our Generation too) would realize how much demand there is for some of these items and make them easier to find.

I’m sure you are wondering where this is going to go…good question!  Still thinking on that, we may be having a kitchen redo in the doll house.  Or at the bakery.  I’ll let you know. 😉