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Hello everyone!  It’s bookgroup time again and this month we are going to discuss Meet Felicity!

I hope everyone was able to find a copy of it so they can participate in the discussion!  I had never read any of the books in Felicity’s series before this.  I borrowed Evil Twin’s set, and I’m so glad I did.

Felicity’s stories are set in Williamsburg, VA during Colonial times, just before the Revolutionary War.  This is a time period that is of particular interest to me, so I was anxious to see how it was depicted in the books.  I thought that Valerie Tripp did a terrific job in explaining some of the details pertaining to this era, particularly women’s dress and some of the day to day occurrences for a young girl growing up in this time period.  I think it’s easy for us to forget that everything was not as simple as it is today, and that something as simple as the clothing you wore could be very complicated!  I sure wouldn’t want to have to wear a corset or stiffeners, they sound downright uncomfortable.

I loved that Felicity is a bit of a tomboy and very independent in her thoughts.  She reminded me a bit of Kit in how she didn’t want to do the things that were necessarily expected of her as a girl.  I also really enjoyed how she came to discover Penny, and how their relationship evolved throughout the book.  I was especially surprised at how the book ended, and I’m anxious now to read the others as well!

We do have a nasty character in this book, but unlike most of the Girl Of The Year books, the nasty character is an adult!  The copy write date on Meet Felicity is 1991, but I thought it very relevant to many things we have going on in today’s world that we see on the news on a regular basis.  I don’t want to say too much and spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet, but it’s definitely something to think about as you read.  We also have a developing friendship for Felicity that comes as a bit of a surprise.  I will be curious to see if this is continued throughout the rest of the series.

Meet Felicity is a very quick read, as are most of the earlier historical books.  I always enjoy the section at the back of these where they talk about different things from the past and explain them to the reader.  Overall, I liked Meet Felicity, I wouldn’t say that it was one of my favorites, but I liked the subject matter and how it was presented.

What did you think?

For April we will be reading Saige.  There will be no book group again until October, I will announce the books for then sometime over the summer. 

5 thoughts on “Book Group–Meet Felicity

  1. Hi! I agree this was an interesting read, but maybe not my favorite of the historicals. Maybe because it was one of the first. I haven’t read Samantha’s but loved Molly’s.

    I adore Williamsburg and was a bit disappointed there wasn’t more description, but maybe that gets better as the books progress. This is another series where I only have 2 books – why I did that I’ll never know, but at least my library is cool.

    I liked that Felicity was strong and determined to take on a bully like Jiggy. It was very interesting that it didn’t have the Disney-esque ending we’ve come to expect from the American Girl books.

    Loved the history section at the back!

    Melody gives her take on the book and my goodreads review are here:

    • I definitely liked Kit better than this one, although I love Felicity’s plucky spirit! I need to read the others and see what happens next.

  2. I have been to Williamsburg and while reading the book I tried to picture living in that era. Being laced into a corset sounds horrible. Also, Felicity’s day to day activities sound confining. I liked that she was a tomboy and found a way to visit and ride Penny. I still haven’t decided how I feel about the ending. I think I will get the next book and see how her actions play out.

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