The Room Rearrangement

“Thanks for coming over to help me Jenny!  I knew I couldn’t move all of this furniture around by myself, and Marie-Grace had riding lessons today.”

“No problem Rebecca, I’m happy to help!”

“Let’s see, first we need to get this dresser out of the way…”

“The stereo needs to go to the living room.  We don’t use it in here anymore, we have all of our music on our smart phones now.”

“And this is going to go to the attic until someone else decides they need it or we have a big yard sale!”

“Now we just need to start sliding the desk over there…”

“Wow Rebecca, that wasn’t hard to move at all with two of us!”

“I agree, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Except now I’m not sure what to do with the poster, it’s hidden.  Hmm…”

“It’s so pretty, I’m sure you can find somewhere else for it.”


“Perfect!  I kind of feel bad that it wouldn’t fit in Cassandra’s room, but I am going to love having it in here!”

“What do you want Lulu?  You want to come up here?”

“Oh great.  It’s now a dog bed.  UGH!!!!”

“This is not what I was expecting…”

Do the pets in your house always take over the best seat in the house?????


10 thoughts on “The Room Rearrangement

  1. That mini stereo is so cute! And YES – there have been many times where I get up for one second only to find the Darcy-butt has taken over my seat. 🙂

    • I think the mini stereo was one of those premiums that companies give away to entice you. A fun thrift store find! Laney won’t jump into the chairs, so this is something we no longer have an issue with.

  2. Cute post! I can spot some My Life stuff..we have that desk as well. I love it! I have only seen that clear chair once and unfortunately didn’t grab it. Did you see the new blue picnic table that just came out? It’s so cute!

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