Review of Mary Ellen’s Poodle Skirt Outfit and Crinoline

Back in October there were several good deals offered at American Girl on a group of items.  There were several things that interested me, but I behaved and limited myself to just one–Mary Ellen’s Poodle Skirt Outfit.  At $15, how could I pass it up?  And with the money I saved on that, I was able to add the crinoline to my order and still, even with shipping and sales tax, get all of it for just little more than what the Poodle Skirt Outfit was at regular retail.  Win/win in my book!

The crinoline is very well done and definitely has enough poof to it to make any large skirt stick out properly.  I may be tempted to use this under several other items I have!

The Poodle Skirt outfit has all the items necessary for anyone wanting to complete their 50’s look!

I think the top is adorable!!  I think this is a piece that could be mix and match with other items too.


The skirt is very cute too.  I was surprised that the waistband was elastic though.

No 1950’s outfit would be complete without a pair of bobby socks and a scarf!!

And my favorite part–the saddle shoes!!!  Aren’t these perfect?!?!?!

Now I had to decide who would get to model this outfit, and after a bit of debate, I decided that Lanie looked the most like Mary Ellen, just a blonde instead of a redhead.

I think Lanie was the perfect fill in for Mary Ellen, don’t you?

Some closeups of the details:

Overall, I would rate this outfit as a B+.  The shoes were incredibly difficult to get on over the bobby socks and I was a bit disappointed in the elastic waist on the skirt, that definitely is not how a real poodle skirt would have been finished back in the 1950’s.  I do still think it’s a very cute outfit, and I’m glad I managed to get it at such a great price.  I think it will be nice to have as part of my collection for a Halloween outfit or a 50’s themed party or story.

6 thoughts on “Review of Mary Ellen’s Poodle Skirt Outfit and Crinoline

  1. I love this outfit. I agree with the elastic waist being inauthentic, but the rest is really nice. I don’t have the crinoline. I may have to pick it up at sometime. Lanie looks awesome!

  2. When Mary Ellens crinoline first came out, I purchased it for use under several of my fancy party doll dresses. It works quite well, and makes everything look really bouffant. I remember when this was all the fad when I was in Junior High School. One friend of mine wore three crinolines under her skirts, looked a bit much, and reminded me of Violet in Willy Wonka when she was turned into the violet berry and was rolled to the extraction room. I never owned a Poodle Skirt, but they were popular at that time also. Mom always told us that the really thick socks made our legs look like “Pit Posts”, but because they were in we all had to have several pairs of them.

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