Too funny not to share!

Sorry if my posts haven’t been the usual stuff lately.  I’ve not only been busy, but I have come across things that are just too good not to share.  This one comes with the warning to be sure to swallow your coffee and set the cup down before you watch.

It’s always a good morning when I get a text first thing from Jen over at The Dolls Between Us.  Not only is she a fellow doll lover, but we share a similar sense of humor and sarcasm.  Thanks for the laugh to start my day Jen!

Wow…just wow! The nice things you find on Instagram!

I’m not a huge Instagram user but I do follow a number of doll accounts.  It’s always fun to see what other people come up with.  It’s a great source for information at times as well as inspiration.  Today though…I’m speechless at what I saw because it is just so simply awesome!!

I was scrolling through my feed when I came across a photo that stopped me in my tracks.  One of my absolute favorite movies of all time is “Singin’ In The Rain”.  I’ve watched it more times than I can count, I have the music almost all memorized, even some of the lines.  (Okay, just about all of the lines!)  The photo that I’m talking about is this:

I immediately recognized it as the scene where Cosmo, Kathy and Don are sitting on the sofa after being up all night discussing the disastrous “Dueling Cavalier” premier.  But it got even better!  She’d taken a couple more scenes and recreated them as well!!!

As I looked at these, I could just hear Lina Lamont saying “And I can’t stand ‘im!”

The Instagram account is called AGBuddies, be sure to check it out!! I discovered it a couple of months ago after Lily, the account owner, won a contest with another fantastic photo.  I remember looking at it and thinking “If this photo doesn’t win this contest, there is absolutely no justice!”  I was thrilled to see she did win.  Great job Lily!!!

If you are on Instagram, her home page looks like this (so you are sure you have the right one).

Fabulous job Lily!  I can’t wait to see what other great posts you come up with in the future, you definitely have a unique eye and talent.