What’s In The Bag????

When Zara and I met up with Xyra and Kaya, they sent us home with some fun goodies.  However, two of the items in particular made Zara’s eyes light up: blind bags!  I love blind bags too, you just never know what you are going to get, but you at least know it’s going to be in a particular theme.  The blind bags we received were a Hatchimal and a Minion, so of course you know exactly who Zara picked to help open one of them up!

Cassandra and Zara were super excited to open these up, I barely got these pictures before they ripped into them.

Cassandra’s Minion bag was a Mega Blok character, so he had to be assembled.  Isn’t he cute?

The Hatchimal was a little bit more complicated, so Zara had to read the instructions.  “Hold your thumb over the heart until the heart turns from purple to pink, then push in!”

“Awwww, it’s so cute!!!”  (We think it’s supposed to be a fox?  Or a dragon?  It has wings…hmmmm)

Do you like blind bags?  Have you ever tried one?  If not, you really should!  They are a fun little surprise that doesn’t take up much space.  Cassandra’s Minion collection is the result of quite a few of them! 😉

Thanks Xyra and Kaya for the great goodies!  These were so much fun!



Review of American Girl Scottie Dog Set (Costco Exclusive)

I know I said I was going to try not to buy anything, but once in a while you have to make an exception!  It doesn’t help that I’m a sucker for the AG pets line, and to make it worse, it’s a Scottie dog…only thing worse would be a Sheltie.  I’d noticed these on some other blogs, but as you know, Costco stuff can sell out in a heartbeat, so I wasn’t sure I was going to get one.  Fortunately for me, they still had quite a few left when I got there, and I was able to get one.

So adorable!!!

I think this is one of the cutest boxes they’ve done for these too.

I was also able to get the insert out of the box without mutilating it, seriously thinking about turning it into a cute little dog house.  (note: the insert didn’t fare so well once I started to remove the items)

First the accessories:

An adorable book, a frisbee and a sheet of alphabet stickers so you can personalize the box.

The book is very nice with all sorts of information, crafts and some punchouts to go with your new family member!

And now the puppy!!!  He’s so cute!

Basically it’s just Coconut in black.  Jointed too, just like the majority of the current Truly Me pets.

Also the magnetic mouth so that the frisbee can be held.  What I found interesting was that the magnet wasn’t quite as strong as in previous pets, which allows the frisbee to kind of dangle, just like it would if a dog were really carrying it.

I tried out Coconut’s bone, and no problems there either.

I like the little tags on the collar as well.  The collar is another bonus with this set although it doesn’t include a leash.

At $29.99 these aren’t a fantastic bargain, but not horrible either.  AG currently sells their jointed pets for $28, so for your additional $1.99, you get a collar, a book and a reusable box with stickers.  But this particular one is so cute, hard for me to pass up.  They also had the Preppy Sheepdog again and a grey cat.

Coconut is pleased to have a new friend!  I’m not sure of a name just yet or who this pup is going to belong to just yet, but he’s sure to find a happy home with one of the gang.

I’m not sure if these are available at Sam’s Club yet, has anyone else seen it?  I know the last pet sets I got in a warehouse club came from Sam’s,  (Sheepdog, Terrier and Pomeranian) but that’s been a couple of years ago.

These would make great gifts, even for a child who maybe doesn’t collect American Girl or 18 inch dolls.  Everyone loves a pet!

November Book Group–“Aloha Kanani”

Hello everyone!  I can’t believe we are to the last Book Group get together for the year already, where did the time go?  I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed “Aloha Kanani”!

I can say that so far, this is probably my favorite of all of the Girl Of The Year Books we’ve talked about.  I thought that it was a very well written book without some of the issues that bothered me with some of the previous ones we’ve discussed.

The set up for the story is very well done, and you can get a real feel for Kanani’s surroundings.  From the description of her room to the Akina’s store, I found it very easy to visualize in my mind.  The additional characters really rounded out the story, I especially enjoyed her aunties who came to the store with their daily goodies for Kanani to try!  As someone who grew up with a number of older relatives and family friends constantly around, I thought it was terrific that these characters were included and how they were presented.  The combination of the generations along with the tidbits of Hawaiian tradition were so well done and I found myself smiling the whole time I was reading the book.

There is a bit of conflict, but it’s more a case of misunderstanding instead of outright meanness.  There isn’t a villain or nasty person in this book, just two girls who come from completely different worlds not quite seeing things from the same way.  I also loved the part about the baby seal, it not only added a lot to the story, but also was a great lesson in how we shouldn’t interfere with wild animals if we don’t know what we are doing.  Especially timely given some stories that have recently hit the news with people thinking they are helping wildlife but in fact are doing more damage than good.

I’m not going to say much more because I don’t want to give too much away.  Just that I liked this book way more than I expected to and I’m going to look for the second one now!  That said, another thing I liked about it is the book is quite capable of standing alone without leaving the reader wondering what happens in the future books.  It’s a good story that does a very good job of telling the story with all of the necessary elements and having a true resolution at the end.

Did you like it?

Book group will resume in January once the holidays are over with.  January book will be “Meet Cecile” and February will be “Grace”.  The entire series of Grace Thomas books are still available on American Girl, so you have plenty of time to pick it up and read it between now and then!