October Book Group–“Meet Rebecca”

Hello everyone!  I’ve missed our little book chats, I’m glad to get back to doing these.  This month the book to discuss is “Meet Rebecca”.  Let’s get started!

For me, this book was okay but didn’t impress me a bunch.  I guess the best way to describe it is it’s too formulaic.  Maybe I’m being a bit harsh as a good bit of the book is spent explaining some of the Jewish words and customs to the reader, and that isn’t a bad thing, but it lacks some of the good story telling that I’ve encountered in some of the other books like Meet Kit and Meet Marie-Grace simply because it would have made the book way too long.

I did like the way Rebecca decided to earn some money and how she had a change of heart in what to do with the money.  I also liked her Bubbie and her frequent comments about how things were changing which I imagine were common issues for people of her generation who came to the United States.  Just being uprooted from ones homeland and then experiencing many of the enormous changes the world was going through at that time in history had to be a very traumatic and scary experience for many of the immigrants.  It reminded me of a woman who I used to know whose family immigrated to the US from Germany right around the time of World War II.  The story she told about how her parents mailed money and clothes to family there so that they could celebrate a family wedding there in conjunction with the event here in the US was fascinating to me.  It was a great example of the family ties crossing the ocean, much the way they did with Rebecca’s family trying to figure out how to get some of their family out of danger in Russia.

The biggest downside to this book is the underlying story about the perils facing those still living in Russia.  Perhaps this is why this book was a let down to me as this is a part of history that I’ve done a lot of research about.  It would be very difficult to pay much attention to it in a book of this type as it would be a whole book in itself!  Plus I have to remind myself that these books are aimed at a grade school to middle school reader and it probably wouldn’t be all that interesting to them on a larger scale.  Hopefully it inspired some readers to go and do some research on their own as it’s a very complicated but interesting period in Russian history.

Overall, the book wasn’t horrible, but I found it hard to get excited about.  I do plan on reading the rest eventually though, and I’m hoping that we see more of Cousin Max and the annoying Leo.  I did get tired of hearing Rebecca continually complaining about not being allowed to do anything because she wasn’t old enough.  Maybe it was just me though.

What did you think of “Meet Rebecca”?

The book for November will be “Aloha, Kanani”.  We will be taking December off due to the holidays and will resume in January.  I will give the book list for the first part of 2018 next month so everyone has time to locate them. 

A bit of this, that…and the other!

Hello!  I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything since I had quite a few of the posts set to automatic.  Thank heavens for that feature.  Anyone recognize where the title of this post comes from?????  I thought it was a good name for it though since I’m going to cover a number of different things in one blog post.

First off–quick reminder, book group!!!  On the 15th I will start the discussion on “Meet Rebecca”.  I hope everyone has been able to locate the book and read it.  I’m looking forward to getting these discussions started again!.

Time for a Laney update!  She’s doing fantastic and I thank everyone for their prayers and good thoughts.  Her energy level is back to normal, and we think she was sick a lot longer than we realized.  She goes back soon for her follow up blood work and ultrasound to see if the medication did what it was supposed to do and dissolved the suspected gallstone.  We have our fingers crossed, we really don’t want to to put her through surgery if we don’t have to.

In other news–the AG pop up store in Pittsburgh has opened once again at Ross Park Mall and I was able to get there the Monday after it opened.  I did ask one of the clerks if it was crazy busy over the weekend, and she said it wasn’t, but she also said it didn’t get near the media coverage as it did last year.  The store is set up pretty much the same as it was last year with the modern stuff at the front of the store, the historical/BeForever in the back and the Bitty Baby in a small section on the one side towards the back.  It’s not a very big store, but I do think they did a better job of maximizing the space this time.

Lots of cute stuff to check out!  I was very disappointed in Nanea’s bed though, it’s advertised as being wood.  That isn’t true.  The back and sides are wood, but the piece that pulls out is completely plastic!  Not sure how well it would hold up over time.  They also had the hotel set up and I really wanted to get a photo of it, but there was the cutest little girl having a fantastic time playing with it, and I didn’t have the heart to stop her.  Although I think dad would have welcomed an intervention!!!  I did pick up a couple of things, I will be sharing those later this month.

In the same trip, I stopped by Costco.  They have some AG stuff, but I didn’t buy anything.  They do have mini doll/book sets for $29.99.  And these:

The Wellie Wisher gift sets are $74.99 and the AG Sleepover set or Salon & Spa sets are $39.99 each.  I thought this seemed a bit steep, especially since it’s Costco.  I didn’t pick up anything, partially because I thought they were overpriced, but also because it’s repeats of a lot of things I have already anyhow.  I’ll be curious to see if there are any doll gift sets like we’ve seen in previous years turn up over the next few weeks.

That’s it for now!  I do have a lot of things I’ll be sharing soon though.  The next few months are going to be a bit erratic, so I’m warning everyone in advance.  We have managed to sell my father-in-laws house (yay!) but I now have my own home to contend with and all the stuff we brought from the other house.  My dining room is downright scary at the moment!!! Plus I want to get back to my doll room cleanup/ cleanout project.  So if you don’t see a post when you’d normally expect to, everything is fine, I’m just up to my eyeballs in cleaning.  It’s going to be kind of tricky for a few months, but once it’s done, I’ll feel so much better.

Plus, like I needed another thing to distract me…

Yes, I bought a guitar and I started taking lessons.  It’s going well so far and I’m seeing progress!  Maybe the girls will let me join The Beacons?????


The Death Of A Legend

Monday was a hard day the whole way around.  First the information coming out of Las Vegas was just mind boggling and sad.  My hearts go out to the people affected by that tragedy.  But the day was about to get worse when the news came out that musician Tom Petty had died.  I was so sad when I heard this as we are all big fans of his around here.  Mr. Flo and I have seen him perform live 3 times, and the girls had been rehearsing some of his music for their performances.

They all decided we needed to do some sort of tribute to him here since he was such a big influence.  I thought this was fitting. We are heartbroken.