Goodies from the AG Pop Up Store–Maryellen’s Roller Skating Accessories and the Truly Me V-Neck Hoodie

It’s Pop-Up Store season for American Girl and we were lucky enough to get one again this year in the Pittsburgh area at the Ross Park Mall.  I wasn’t all that impressed with it last year, but apparently the powers that be learned a few things and it seems to be a much better thought out store with a better supply of items!  If you’ve ever been to a Pop-Up store, you know that they don’t carry the entire line of items.  I had my fingers crossed that they would have one item in stock that I really wanted, and the doll gods were on my side this time!

Before I get to that, I will show you the V-Neck Hoodie I picked up.  I liked this item when I first saw it, but then I realized that it had those ridiculous holes in it for you to hook over the dolls thumbs.  Ugh.  I don’t like this style at all.  Do people really wear their clothes this way????  I was glad I had the opportunity to see it in person though because the holes aren’t ridiculously obvious should you choose to not wear it that way.  They really just look like button holes, and they face inwards so unless you are looking for them, you probably wouldn’t even notice.

Now for the item I really went for–Maryellen’s Roller Skating accessories!  I thought this set was adorable and took me back to my own childhood, even though I grew up 20 years later than Maryellen’s era.

You’ll be happy to see it comes in the traditional box.  The only change they have made is now the boxes are sealed with circle stickers.  They are easy to remove if you are careful though without damaging the box.  If I managed to do it, so can you!  Proof:

Everything is self contained in the roller skate case:

The case is lined with a pink fuzzy fabric.  The outside of the case is a bit lumpier than I expected, which makes me wonder what exactly the box is made out of.  Hmmmm…

All sorts of goodies in the case!  A bottle of soda pop, a pair of socks, a baton and a jump rope! And some stickers should you want to decorate the case.

I think the socks are adorable and will go with so many other outfits, not just the roller skates.  I’m also very happy to see that the baton and the jump rope have handles on them so the doll can actually hold these without the use of clear elastics or something else.  American Girl has been doing a great job of adding this to a number of their products and I hope it continues.  The only thing that disappointed me in this set was that the baton was completely plastic and not metal as it should be.  They didn’t even spray it with shiny paint.  😦

Let’s see how the items look in action!  Cassandra wanted to try everything out and since she already knows how to skate, I thought it sounded like a good idea.  Here she is with the baton:

The scale on this is perfect.  I can just see her marching down the street, can’t you?

The jump rope seems a bit short to me, but maybe I’m wrong?  Maybe I just need to leave it out so it will lose the kinks in it and will look more accurate.

And on to the main item I wanted from this set–the skates!!!  They are so cute, they remind me so much of the ones I had when I was young.

I even made sure that they were accurate in their assembly and that they could actually be stopped properly!

The skates were super easy to get on, not a struggle at all.  I will admit that Cassandra put them on without the socks, but I think that even with the socks they wouldn’t be difficult at all.  I told her she didn’t want to skate for long like that or she would get horrible blisters on her feet!!

Overall, I think these are cute and very well done.  A really nice set with a lot of pieces that would allow for plenty of play scenarios.  I really lucked out as it was Columbus Day weekend, so I got the $10 off $50 since I purchased both items at the same time, plus it was triple points for rewards members, and I ended up with enough points added to my account to get another $10 certificate in the future!  Timing is everything, you know! 😉

24 thoughts on “Goodies from the AG Pop Up Store–Maryellen’s Roller Skating Accessories and the Truly Me V-Neck Hoodie

  1. These items are so cute! I love the hoodie! I do think the jumping rope is a bit short.

  2. Completely agree the jump rope is too short!

    I am perplexed though. I didn’t think neon wheels came about until the 80s. Would skate wheels really have been that color back then?

    The baton is also too short to me. I remember my mom paid to have one cut in half so my sister and I each had one that was a more manageable size (it was perfect) to learn with. This one seems more that size than full size to me.

    Also, weird case. I have my mom’s ice skates from the late 50’s and they were still in the original box last I looked. She said no one had cases for skates that she knew.

    • We had several batons at our house when I was growing up in the 70’s that would have belonged to my sisters who grew up in the 50s and 60s and they would have been about this length. I don’t think the longer ones came until much later, and they were for a specific type of twirling. The way to measure a baton is it should fit properly under your arm (in your armpit) and reach no further than your wrist.

      The wheels aren’t exactly neon, they didn’t photograph true to color. Color wheels didn’t come about until later as most wheels were a composite material prior to that. They were more of an orange/pink color when new, but as you skated with them, they wore down a bit and became more of a brown color. I had my sisters old ones at one point, and they were very well worn, but you could still see the color on the outside. Two of my sisters were both very into skating during the 50’s and 60’s. I suspect that it was just too difficult to try and replicate that odd color, so they came as close as they could with a salmon pink. I actually have more of an issue with the pom-poms, they look more like 70’s ones as the ones most everyone had prior to that were made out of yarn, you used a good part of a skein to make them!

      No one I knew had a case either, but I’m suspecting that it may have been a regional type thing. If you go on Ebay or Etsy and type in “vintage 1950’s skates” or something similar, many of them come with cases. Honestly, I would have killed for a case back when I skated, if you’ve ever been hit in the leg (or arm) with a roller skate when you were carrying them, you’d know what I’m talking about. Skate cases were very expensive though, so only those who were super serious and spent tons of money on their skates usually had them.

  3. Love these items! I was in Maryellen’s time period. We always played four square and jump rope at recess. I still have my skates and skate case. My skates have wooden wheels. My mother was in Roller Derby and also taught children to skate. In my junior high years, I twirled my baton.

    • I was really into skating for several years, it was such fantastic exercise! Our skating rink is gone now, it wasn’t well cared for and the roof caved in during a heavy snow. They ended up tearing it down. Makes me sad every time I drive past where it was, so many fun memories. 😦

  4. Nice purchases! I took baton twirling through our recreation dept when I was a kid and the high school girl who taught the class was just the coolest ever. I liked Linda’s comment, too.
    The skates that remind me most of my childhood are Julie’s… I remember studying all the tennis shoe skates in the Sears catalog.

    • I never took baton, but I did learn how to do it. A good friend’s older sister was the head majorette for a couple of years, she was really good. Not something you see much of anymore, it’s definitely not as popular as it used to be.

  5. Yep, the jump rope is too short. In real life you stand on it and it should reach up to each arm pit.

  6. Yep, the rope is too short. When I was a kid in the 70s, (and in a Baton Club), our teacher said that when we went to buy one, it should measure from the armpit, and your middle finger should just reach over the rubber tip. And the website does say the baton is metal! You mean they lied? Shameful! I did a tutorial on my YouTube channel some years ago about how to make doll batons using a rounded pencil, chrome duck tape and white Model Magic clay. And they look to be about the same size as AG’s.

  7. So cute!! The skate set is definitely on my wish list! Add a couple Barbie graphics and some curly ribbon and you’d have my childhood skates. 🙂

  8. Hi! The hoodie is adorable! I love that it has the v neck and the thumb holes. Yes, people do wear these styles with the thumbs through them. My step sister has many for playing tennis. They keep her hands warm before and after play. I’ve seen runners use them as well. Fingerless gloves without being a separate item to lose.

    The skates are fabulous! I think I’d like these to replace the OG ones I have from the car hop outfit. It was one of those flukey things where the set came with two left skates. I didn’t have time or energy to return the set. They go on okay, but it can’t be comfy for the doll. I’d prefer to have left and right skates.

    • I guess my problem is I can hear my mom in the background saying “quit doing that, you’re going to stretch the sleeves out!” 😉

      They would make an excellent replacement for that set.

  9. I also have an AG doll blog! It would be great if you could follow it! I’m trying to reach 70 followers! Thanks!

    ~Bella /

    • I hear you on the pom poms, I remember saving up my money for the ones I had. This time the deal was just a matter of good timing!

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