The Death Of A Legend

Monday was a hard day the whole way around.  First the information coming out of Las Vegas was just mind boggling and sad.  My hearts go out to the people affected by that tragedy.  But the day was about to get worse when the news came out that musician Tom Petty had died.  I was so sad when I heard this as we are all big fans of his around here.  Mr. Flo and I have seen him perform live 3 times, and the girls had been rehearsing some of his music for their performances.

They all decided we needed to do some sort of tribute to him here since he was such a big influence.  I thought this was fitting. We are heartbroken.

19 thoughts on “The Death Of A Legend

  1. Thanks for paying tribute and for acknowledging this difficult week. I haven’t really been on IG or WordPress much this week.
    I have happy memories of T Petty singing for the Super Bowl 1/2 time and a small Brianna dancing in the living room.

    • My favorite Tom Petty memory is of a friend’s cousin. He worked in the concession stand at the park pool in the summer, and I remember this song coming on as he was waiting on customers. Can still picture him dancing around to it. Just one memory of many with Petty music as the background. 😦

  2. Being an old Rock &Roll Fan I will truly miss Tom. I always liked “Break-Down”, and “Refugee”.
    We need to think really seriously about doing a concert with the girls in Memory of Tom. I heard on the radio that he was one of the last of the R&R stars that was writing new stuff, and not relying on old hits to present to fans at recent concerts. He’s up there now with Stevie Ray Vaughn. Amazingly I could always understand the words to his songs.

    • I bet there is a huge back catalog of stuff from him too that never saw the light of day. He seemed to truly enjoy what he was doing. Now I know how Scott felt when Stevie Ray died 😦

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