The Photoshoot

I don’t usually do photo shoots just for the heck of it.  Mine as a general rule have a storyline to go them.  However, right after I finished Allie, I had to take the dog to the groomers and I knew I was going to have some time to kill.  I decided to load Allie and Rebecca in the car with me, and head to a nearby park that I knew had some great spots for photography.  Maybe doing this in the middle of summer wasn’t the best idea…

I got there and headed to the area I had picked in advance.  I knew the lighting would be good at that time of day as well as the scenery.  What I didn’t count on was a group of runners having some sort of training session!  It made for an interesting experience, trying to get good photographs without getting someone in the background.  Oh well, I still liked the photos overall.  I apologize in advance for those who follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen some of these, but I didn’t share the whole story there.  Plus I know I have people who read the blog who don’t follow me on Instagram, and I was actually very pleased with how these came out (particularly Rebecca).

First Allie:

When I first finished her, I was still not sure if I liked her, but the more pics I’ve taken of her, the more she has grown on me.  I know that probably sounds weird, but the issue is her wig, it’s not as dark as I thought it was going to be when I ordered it.  I’m still thinking about curling it, this particular wig is heat safe up to 350 degrees, and I’m wondering how she would look with some curls or waves.  The other alternative is to keep my eyes open for a different wig and save this one for someone else.  (dangerous thinking…)

Allie’s top is from Beky’s Doll Clothes, the skirt from If Dolls Could Dream and her boots are American Girl.

When I originally decided to do this shoot I was only going to take Allie, but then I got this dress from Lidi Designs and I really wanted to get some pictures of it.  I absolutely fell in love with this dress when I saw it, partially because it’s cute, but also because it reminds me a lot of the dress I wore to school on my first day of first grade.  These two pics are my favorites out of all of the pics I took, the lighting was terrific and I thought Rebecca looked like a girl from a fairy tale.

There you have it, my interesting photo shoot.  I have some more ideas for some “field trips” I want to take, I just need to get my act together and get them planned.  And of course, Coolspring is coming up soon too!

19 thoughts on “The Photoshoot

  1. Allie and Rebecca you look awesome! Love your photos!

    Ah, the challenges of a photo shoot! Glad you were able to get great shots of Allie and Rebecca without strange feet or people in the background.

    I think loose, beachy waves would look great on Allie.

  2. Thanks Mel! We had fun doing it, we felt like fashion models!
    ~Allie and Rebecca

    I agree that beachy waves would look great. I need to do some reading on the best way to get them.

    • I know what you mean. Model Monday shoots are a lot of fun!

      You could probably use the bendy type of curlers length wise. Have you seen the new infomercial for Sleep Styler curlers?

      • I was thinking the bendy curlers with a hairdryer, first with heat, then with cold. I haven’t seen that, I’ll have to check it out!

  3. I enjoyed the “back story” to your photo shoot! Rebecca reminds me a little bit of Little Bo Peep! So sweet.
    I chuckled at your “dangerous thinking” comment!!

    • “Dangerous thinking” is the cousin to “It seemed like a good idea at the time”.

      And yes, she does have a Little Bo Peep thing going. Or Little Red Riding Hood minus the cape.

  4. I love Rebecca’s dress as well, it’s absolutely adorable! I always seem to bond more with my dolls during photo shoots as well because it’s kind of like seeing them with fresh eyes. I’m sure the inspiration will come to you regarding Allie. And yeah, that lighting was pretty! Lol at the runners. 🙂

    • I need to go back to that park sometime in the next couple of weeks before the leaves come down, it’s so pretty there and will make some fun backdrops. Fingers crossed!

  5. Didja get any weird looks or questions while out in public w/ your girls? I would get approached by kids or elderly women, and once a dad whose kid was too shy to approach me when I was in Seattle w/ my girls.

    • I didn’t this time. I did meet a lady when I had Cassandra with me in Mexico who was from Canada and knew she was an AG doll. And Xyra and I regularly get questions when we are at Coolspring, surprisingly mostly from older men! My favorite (and I suspect Xyra’s too) was the UPS guy we encountered in Punxsutawney who knew all about AG and thought it was really cool. I’ve gotten a few weird looks here and there, usually from teens who just don’t “get it”. Whatever!

  6. I love Rebecca’s dress! Great photoshoot! I’m glad that none of the runners got in the way. I hardly take the dolls outside. I really should! The lighting is always so much better, and the scenery is nicer. I never think to do it though. I’m like you, I don’t really do photoshoots with no purpose. Maybe I will try it sometime. 🙂

    ginnie /

    • Even when it does have a purpose, it is a bit of a hassle, especially if you are going to have any props too. When we did the camping post last summer, it took way more time to set it all up than it did to actually take the photos. And my poor back!! That’s probably the biggest reason I don’t do more outdoor posts, by the time I drag it all out and get it shot, I’m like “take me out back and shoot me!”

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