Another Year, Another Birthday

It’s September, and that means it’s Cassandra’s birthday again!  This time she told the girls she didn’t want a big party, she just wanted to hang out at home and have a small get together.  After some discussion, the girls agreed it would be nice to order Mexican food from our favorite place since that’s Cassandra’s favorite.  It arrived, and the girls settled in for a nice birthday lunch.

Everything looks yummy, doesn’t it?  The girls were eating and talking about school and how it was going so far.

“Where’s Rebecca?” asked Cassandra.  “Her food is getting cold. And there is nothing worse than cold Mexican food, yuck!”

“Here I am!  I was busy wrapping your present.”

She put the present on the table in front of Cassandra.

“Any ideas what it might be?” asked Shivan.  “We all chipped in to get it, we thought it was just perfect.”

“I have no idea!” replied Cassandra.  “But I’m anxious to see what it is.”

After the girls were done eating, they cleared off the table so Cassandra could open her present.  It seemed like she took forever opening it.  The suspense was killing everyone!



“Something from Tiffany’s?????”

“No, it was the only box it would fit in!” giggled Rebecca.She slowly lifted the lid on the box…

(Any ideas what it might be?????)

“OH MY GOSH!!! It’s a fart gun, just like Gru’s!!!!!!” (Yes, she was a bit excited, can you tell?!)

“This is just awesome!  Thanks so much guys, I LOVE it!”

“I don’t think any of us is safe now, ” Kit said to Shivan.  “I think you are right!”


“I’m off to conquer the world!!!”

Happy Birthday Cassandra!

A very quick update!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Laney got home on Tuesday afternoon and we’ve seen continued improvement all week.  I’m very optimistic that the medications are working and have my fingers crossed that it will take care of the problem.  I did some reading up on what she is taking, and unless there is something we are unaware of, it should work, it may just take time.  Otherwise, she will more than likely need surgery, but seeing how well she is doing now that she is home, I’m hopeful it can be avoided.  Never in a million years did I ever think I’d be dealing with doggy gallbladder issues!

Thank you all for your good thoughts and well wishes!!


The Photoshoot

I don’t usually do photo shoots just for the heck of it.  Mine as a general rule have a storyline to go them.  However, right after I finished Allie, I had to take the dog to the groomers and I knew I was going to have some time to kill.  I decided to load Allie and Rebecca in the car with me, and head to a nearby park that I knew had some great spots for photography.  Maybe doing this in the middle of summer wasn’t the best idea…

I got there and headed to the area I had picked in advance.  I knew the lighting would be good at that time of day as well as the scenery.  What I didn’t count on was a group of runners having some sort of training session!  It made for an interesting experience, trying to get good photographs without getting someone in the background.  Oh well, I still liked the photos overall.  I apologize in advance for those who follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen some of these, but I didn’t share the whole story there.  Plus I know I have people who read the blog who don’t follow me on Instagram, and I was actually very pleased with how these came out (particularly Rebecca).

First Allie:

When I first finished her, I was still not sure if I liked her, but the more pics I’ve taken of her, the more she has grown on me.  I know that probably sounds weird, but the issue is her wig, it’s not as dark as I thought it was going to be when I ordered it.  I’m still thinking about curling it, this particular wig is heat safe up to 350 degrees, and I’m wondering how she would look with some curls or waves.  The other alternative is to keep my eyes open for a different wig and save this one for someone else.  (dangerous thinking…)

Allie’s top is from Beky’s Doll Clothes, the skirt from If Dolls Could Dream and her boots are American Girl.

When I originally decided to do this shoot I was only going to take Allie, but then I got this dress from Lidi Designs and I really wanted to get some pictures of it.  I absolutely fell in love with this dress when I saw it, partially because it’s cute, but also because it reminds me a lot of the dress I wore to school on my first day of first grade.  These two pics are my favorites out of all of the pics I took, the lighting was terrific and I thought Rebecca looked like a girl from a fairy tale.

There you have it, my interesting photo shoot.  I have some more ideas for some “field trips” I want to take, I just need to get my act together and get them planned.  And of course, Coolspring is coming up soon too!