Minions Everywhere!

Hi guys, Cassandra here! You know how much I love Minions, don’t you? Well, I’ve added some really cool stuff to my Minion collection lately, and I just wanted to share them with you!

First I want to show you two that Xyra sent me a few months ago. She sent us a box of goodies, and I was so excited these were in it, thank you Xyra!! I was super excited to get a Viva La Minion, I don’t have one like this. And a big Kevin, how cool!!  Stuart, what do you think?

Have you seen the Minion Mineez??? They are really neat, they are little bitty Minion figures that are made out of a rubbery type material, sort of like an eraser. They come several ways. First, you can get individual ones in a round package like this. You can’t see what is in it, so it’s like those blind bags you get with other similar items. We very carefully opened this one so that we could keep it, I’m going to install a hook in my room and hang it from the ceiling!

They also come in multipacks. The advantage of the multipacks is you can see all of the Minions you are going to get except one, it’s a surprise. It does make it nice if you are trying to avoid getting multiples of the same ones (although not foolproof). We’ve picked up two of these in the 3 packs, so now I have a total of 7. Aren’t they neat? Some are more difficult to find than others, when you buy them you get a guide that shows you if the ones you have are common or various degrees of rare.

I couldn’t talk about Minions without showing you my latest purchase–a Minion backpack!!! Flo found it on Amazon, I think it’s so awesome!

It’s made out of a nice, soft plush type fabric and the straps are adjustable. Here you can see how well it fits.

School will be starting here at the end of the month. I can’t decide if I’m ready or not. I like school, but I also like having lots of free time during the summer months.

I think I’ll just sit here and hug my soft backpack and think good thoughts…

When does school start where you are at? I know some places have already started!

14 thoughts on “Minions Everywhere!

  1. Oh, it really IS a soft backpack. Neat! We need a new #dollswithbackpacks — between Jennifer’s post, yours, and I have one brewing too. Never have there been so many cute mini backpacks!
    What did Cassandra think of this summer’s Despicable Me movie?

    • I have a bunch of the ones Target was selling too that I’ve never posted! It is crazy how many are available at the moment. This one is almost like a plush toy, it’s so soft.

      Cassandra and I both loved the latest Despicable Me movie. Some of the critics weren’t so nice about it, but what do they know?!

  2. Which AG doll is Cassandra?
    Such a cute post – looks like someone has the minion mania….

    • Cassandra is an older #40 that I picked up off Ebay. She gives me a good excuse to indulge in Minion goodies!

  3. Wonderful Minion goodies…love them! School doesn’t start here until the Wed after Labor Day, so we still have a few weeks to enjoy the more relaxed schedule of summer!

    • Enjoy the rest of the summer then! Most of ours start just before Labor Day. I can’t imagine starting much earlier than that.

  4. Minions! Love it! What a cute idea for Cassandra to collect them. I love that minion backpack too. School doesn’t start here in Canada until September but we didn’t get out for summer until the end of June. Isn’t summer going so fast though? It’s been so crazy!

    ginnie /

    • I think the September-June schedule must be a more northern thing, that was how ours was for years, we started the first week of September and got out the first or second week of June. My friend lives in Alabama and they started around the 1st of August, no thanks! But they are done in May.

  5. Nice collection! A little boy in my class has this funny minion jacket, w/ the hoodie that makes him look like he’s wearing the goggles. Does Cassandra have one of those?

    • I love the Mower Minions ones the most, but they don’t all come in the same set. We’ve managed to get two so far.

  6. Sorry we are late to the party on this one. Things have been a bit nutty on our side of the state. Love the new backpack, Cassandra! You’re welcome too. When we see minions we think of you.

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