Too Much Stuff

I know I’m not alone in this problem, but quite frankly, my doll stuff has gotten out of hand.  I need to get it under control, and I think the best way is to start parting with some of the things that I either have duplications of or haven’t worked out (for whatever reason).  So, here’s what I’ve been thinking about doing.  Making these items available for sale on Etsy or Ebay, giving previews of them here on the blog before I list them so that my readers hopefully get the first shot at them.  At the moment I don’t know exactly what I’m going to offer just yet, the clean out process hasn’t started, but once it does, there will be a variety of items up for sale.  Some of it doll food, furniture, clothing, etc.  I don’t intend on making a killing on these items either, but please keep in mind that the buyer will be responsible for the shipping costs as well.  Because of the ridiculous prices to ship out of the country, it would be limited to US buyers only.  Sorry.

I’m posting this just to see how much interest there would be in this.  Some of it would be individual items, others would be lots of similar type items.  The problem is I’m running out of space.  It wouldn’t be all at once either, some of these items might be used for one last post, and then placed for sale.  I’m still tossing ideas around as to how best to work this.  You know, making it up as I go along!

So, the question for my readers is–are you interested???  Please vote in the poll so I can get a good read on whether or not this is a good idea.  Thanks!!!


18 thoughts on “Too Much Stuff

  1. I’m in the same boat that you are in, but I’m still collecting. I have run out of room too, so started organizing items better. Then one of my children moved back home, so I have had to move everything again. Everything is now in unnamed boxes😢! But that’s ok. I love my doll’s, but family is first! I hope to find a place for everything and put everything in it’s place, labeled. I am looking forward to seeing how you pare down.😊

    • That’s part of the problem, I don’t want to stop collecting, but I am seriously running out of space now. Next week I’m hoping to work on some more organization, but it’s not going to solve the problem. Plus I am trying to keep with my “it has to be better than what I already have” motto, and I’ve not done so well at getting rid of things lately that I’ve found better replacements for!

      I do at least have named boxes!! (for most of it anyhow LOL)

  2. Maybe make a “for sale” blog post and list stuff, save you ebay/etsy listing fees that way and still lets us loyal readers have first crack at the goodies.

    • I don’t want to have to play “referee” so I think it’s best to do it that way, even if I have to pay fees. You snooze, you lose LOL I’m going to do it sort of like Pippaloo and Small Dolls In A Big World do with their Etsy listings, give a preview with a date as to when it’s going to be listed.

  3. Oh wow! Well, you know me, I have tons of stuff already as well, but be interested to see what you’re selling, but it would have to be small things. I’m full to busting now!

  4. I understand where you are at. The pieces we seem to use best are the big ones .. like the Scooter before Z had a scooter. I’m seeing how the auction of Izzy goes at our holiday boutique and may try to unload some things there in the future, if Brianna agrees.
    Personally I am finding I haven’t made great use of some of the OG stuff we have bought.
    I’ll enjoy reading about your process. Doll storage is one of my Sisyphus issues!

    • Sounds about like what I’m dealing with here. There are a few items that I wouldn’t part with anyhow (camper, Molly’s bike) but others that I’m thinking that I just don’t have enough use for to keep them around. And then there are those things that I maybe liked part of a set, but don’t use the other pieces, so those obviously need to go. It’s going to be interesting once I get started. It probably won’t be happening until after Labor Day though, too much going on.

  5. I thought I responded to this. LOL
    My stuff is mostly wardrobe not accessories.
    Oh, now I remember! I made a comment on the poll. LOL
    Would you really break up a set? Or would the whole set go?

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