You didn’t think she’d be an only child, did you???

I’ve decided I’m not going to say that I don’t have anymore room for dolls because every time I do, someone else joins the party!  It doesn’t help that new dolls keep coming out too.  But I can’t even blame this on them.  This was all my doing.

I’ve got several of the more recent Girl of the Year dolls–Saige, Lanie, Lea (Sophia), Kanani, Isabelle (Zara).  I was only missing one that I’d had any interest in, and I wasn’t even 100% sure I wanted her.  I went back and forth more times than I care to think about.  Finally I decided I would like to have her.  But Ebay prices–yikes!  And after the issues I’d had with Allie, I wasn’t sure I wanted to buy her from Ebay at all.  Then I found out that a friend was going to the Madison Children’s Museum sale.  Hmmm…dare I ask.  I finally decided to go for it, telling her that if she didn’t want to bother, I completely understood.  Honestly, I’m not sure I’d want to lug around a doll for someone else, but much to my surprise and happiness, she agreed!  Now we just had to have our fingers crossed that they would still have her when she got there.  Luck was on our side, and now she’s here and ready for her closeup!

Meet Allie’s sister–Christine Irene Rhodes!

I liked Grace, but like I said before, I wasn’t fully convinced I wanted her. Really, it’s kind of ridiculous, especially considering I have more of Grace’s collection than any other GOTY. And then when I got the doll that would become Allie, I thought they would make a cute set of sisters. Yeah, they have completely different coloring, but lots of sisters do. They have each inherited different traits from their parents, but their basic face shape is the same.

I promised when I unveiled Allie that I would tell you where her name came from. Christine’s isn’t too far off from where Allie’s comes from either. My favorite band is the Gin Blossoms. And my favorite song of theirs is “Allison Road”. Get it? I always used to joke that it would be fun if your last name was Rhodes to name your daughter Allison. Since my last name isn’t Rhodes and I don’t have a daughter, this was the next best way to do it! The story behind the song is kind of funny too, the lead singer was driving through Texas with a friend when they saw a sign for Allison Road. The friend’s sister’s name was Allison, so they decided it would be funny to stop and take a photo of it. Some time passed and one day the idea for the song came to him, and he started writing it. He has said it’s one of the fastest songs he’s ever written!

“Christine Irene” is another song by the Gin Blossoms, but not quite as popular as the other. I just thought it would be kind of funny to keep with the same theme. The post about Allie contained several hints too, I’m really surprised that no one figured it out. The title of the post “I’ve Learned Not To Say Never” is a line from their song “29”. Allie’s comment “No Chocolate Cake” is a reference to the name of one of their albums. And the girls are from Arizona which is where the band is from. Plus Allie is a fan of 90’s alternative which is the time period where the Gin Blossoms really hit it big with their album “New Miserable Experience”.

The girls are really happy to be here and excited to see snow. I haven’t burst their bubble. (shhhhhhh)

Allie is the oldest, she’s 13 (almost 14) and Christine is 12. Christine is a little bit nervous about starting at a new school, but Allie keeps telling her she’s going to be just fine.

Look out Kennedy, the Rhodes girls are here! 😉

20 thoughts on “You didn’t think she’d be an only child, did you???

  1. Congrats on getting Grace…uh…I mean Christine. I wouldn’t have gotten that hint in a thousand years, since I’m not familiar w/ the Gin Blossoms. But she and Allie make a cute family. OK, how many dolls is this now? Have you got me beat yet?

    • If you count Samantha and Jan, this puts me at 20. A nice round number! Not sure where you are at, but I think you still have more! Honestly though, with the changes in the body style, I am hesitant to buy any of the newer ones, so things will probably slow down considerably. I have to rearrange the doll room!!!!!!

      • Well, I have 21 modern-day 18 inch dolls (including my Via-E doll Erica, but she hasn’t been used yet). Then we have my classic dolls I use for the blog (I have a couple more of those that don’t get used) like Crissy, Kerry, Sabrina, Velvet, Mia, Michael, Mimi (Miss LaSalle) , Aimee, (Mrs. Johnson), and Tiffany Taylor. So that’s actually 31! *faint*

  2. So adorable! There is no such thing as too many dolls! I just bought a Jess off of eBay to add to my dolls – and most teenager only have one or two AG dolls. I have double that! 😛

    • I agree. My biggest issue at the moment is space. I really need to do some cleaning out of things I’m not using or have duplications of and find a good way to display everyone when they aren’t part of the scene.

  3. Love it! I came close (in my head) to figuring out the name because I briefly thought of that 90s movie that had so many of the grunge-alt songs in it. Singles! Good soundtrack. Anyway….
    One thing I like about Grace is that she can look older. I’m glad yours found her home 😃
    Brianna and I were just saying that we have almost none of Grace’s collection, and we feel like we missed out a bit. We have almost all of Saige’s except her PJs.
    Say, weren’t the custom dolls coming out “late July”? I think today is about as late as it gets.

    • I thought for sure you were going to get it!!! That was a good soundtrack too, I think I have it floating around here somewhere. Speaking of soundtracks and the 90’s, did you ever get a chance to see or listen to The Commitments?

      And yes, Grace (and Lea too) is done in such a way that she can be older. Today on Instagram someone had done a Photoshop on a Grace pic where they added the painted eyelashes to her and she was gorgeous. Not sure if I want to do that or not. One resident diva in the house is plenty!

      The custom dolls have been pushed back to August 8th. I only found out because I thought the same thing as you did, and discovered it had been changed. People are a bit annoyed, many looking forward to either getting double points or using a 20% off coupon on them. There’s always a catch, isn’t there?!?!?!

      • We did watch The Commitments, thanks to you, and really enjoyed it.
        Thanks for the date on the custom dolls. Given all the website problems I don’t think they are ready. I noticed they are hiring for both CIO and a director of e Commerce.

  4. My son has a cousin who looks exactly the same, moves the same, makes the same expressions but my son is light skinned and sandy blond and his cousin is olive skinned with dark hair. It’s so trippy that they get mistaken for one another in photos even though the coloring is so different.

    Your dolly sisters are perfect!

    • That sounds like our crew. I’m one of 5. Evil Twin and I look the most alike coloring wise, both hazel eyes and brown hair (mine lighter). The other three siblings all had blue eyes and then one with blonde, one with brown and one with reddish hair! But we all look so much alike, it always has freaked my husband out.

  5. My sister and I would get mistaken all the time when we were young. Personally, I never thought that she looked anything like me. She has red hair and my hair is dark brown almost black. In my late teens I dyed my hair the same red as hers. Boy did that confuse everybody! LOL! 🙂 Welcome to your new addition! I used to listen to the Gin Blossoms too, but the only songs I can remember them for is Found Out About You and Hey Jealousy. 🙂

    • Since my siblings were much older than me, it wasn’t usually a problem, but my one niece and I were periodically mistaken for each other. A guy she went to school with even said we had a lot of the same mannerisms too, it used to freak him out!

      I think Found Out About You was the first Gin Blossoms song I ever heard. I was hooked from then on!

  6. Wow! Love her!! When Grace first came out, I wasn’t a fan, but over the years she’s grown on my so much, I have a custom brown eyed Grace in my home!

    • Grace with brown eyes is a really pretty doll, I almost wish they had done her that way to begin with! Now that I have her in hand, she is very cute.

      • Yes! My favorite AG eyes are those deep blue ones, but Grace with brown eyes looks SO much better than blue! (oh, I also forgot to mention, my Grace is a classic mold too, she’s basically a classic brown eyed AG with a Grace wig, but with the Grace freckle pattern)

  7. Woo hoo! Congratulations on adding Christine!
    I love that song; i can’t believe it didn’t click. Although, my radio station doesn’t always play that song from the Gin Blossoms.

    • You, Jen and Farrah were the ones that I thought might figure it out. I don’t think Allison Road caught on like some of their other songs, but I know a lot of people who claim it as their fave off their catalog.

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