Super 8 Project–a dresser and nightstand!

Welcome to another installment of the Super 8 Project–in other words, my inexpensive version of the Grand Hotel set from American Girl.  So far we have the backdrop and the sink.  I haven’t had a lot of time to work on some of the more labor intensive items just yet, plus with the hot weather we’ve been having, the dining room (where I have space to work) has turned into a no-go zone!  Fortunately, cooler weather should be here soon, and I already have my ideas in place, so it won’t take long to get them finished.  In the meantime, I have something that didn’t really need much in regards to adapting, and it was a simple project.

Not long after I started on this project, I decided to make a run on several of our area thrift stores.  I found some fun things, not just for the dolls, but for me too!  I was about to head home when something told me to take a bit of a drive to a thrift store I hadn’t been to for a while.  Little did I know…

As I walked through the store, I  headed immediately to the housewares section.  I started looking around, and there it was!  Just what I was looking for.  But there was a little girl messing around with it, and I was afraid she was going to try and talk her mom into it.  So I looked at some other stuff, all the while keeping my fingers crossed.  Luck was on my side because after she left, it was still there.  Are you ready to see what it was?

This awesome jewelry box! I loved the configuration of the drawers on it, to me it was perfectly suited to be the dresser in the hotel room. Where the empty space was is a drawer that was being repaired when I took the photo. It also had something spilled all over it, but it all came off with some serious scrubbing with a disinfecting wipe. The interior was a bit dirty and it apparently had been previously used for some sort of craft storage as it had bright blue glitter scattered around in the top compartment. Thank heavens for a vacuum cleaner! I sucked that all up before it ended up scattered around my house, and then set to work.

I decided to line all of the drawers with scrapbook paper.  It was a lot of cutting, but well worth the effort.  The top part I left alone because I doubt I’ll ever use it for doll stuff since there will be things sitting on top of it.  I even contemplated gluing it shut with hot glue just so it won’t come open.  Still thinking about that.

I decided to line one of the deep drawers in white, and then put a divider in it so it is a pull out refrigerator! Originally I was going to put a hinge on the broken drawer, but it didn’t want to work very well, so I decided this was the next best thing.

Then it was time to touch up all of the nicks and dings. I dug out my trusty Sharpie furniture markers!

I was really pleased with how it turned out when I was done. Not bad for a $9.99 purchase!

Sophia thought it was pretty cool too!

Not too long after I finished that project, I had a trip to TJMaxx. I’ve found quite a few doll sized things there, and I always keep my eyes opened. The Super 8 gods must have been smiling down on me because I found this interesting pen/pencil holder:

Set it sideways though, and it makes a perfect night stand! I’m not even going to paint it either, I like it much better in just plain gray as opposed to silver. It was only $4.99 too, so I was thrilled.

That’s it for this installment.  Until we meet again!

13 thoughts on “Super 8 Project–a dresser and nightstand!

  1. These are really good finds – one time, I found a Craftabelle wooden craft storage tower thing with fabric bins on the shelves. It’s now the dresser in my dollhouse. 🙂

    • Love the finds! I bought that AG hotel room with coupons and a gift cert. And free shipping. My daughter and I love it, BUT you are showing a more engaging path for my daughter and me. We want a front desk that doesn’t have to double as the dresser! So we are on the hunt for a cool thrift store find!! Thank you.

      • Hi Anne! Welcome to the party! 😉

        I’m glad that this has given you ideas. If it helps in your search, the jewelry box had a tag on the bottom that indicated it came from Kmart. With Kmart closing a lot of stores, you might find one on clearance. Good luck in your search!

        I hope your hotel room is holding up. I only say that because I’ve noticed a couple of reviews on the AG website that have complaints of problems. I think it’s one of the cutest sets they have ever come up with, but I just wish it wasn’t so much plastic.

  2. Wow, this is really coming together! I love the idea of a “beverage drawer” in the dresser. You need tiny bottles of water with a hangtag stating that a $ 4.50 room charge will be incurred. I was laughing when you described the kid investigating your desired purchase. Were you contemplating trying to throw her off the trail? “Did I just see Pink walk down the street?!” I jest… sort of 😉

    • Along with the $4 candy bars and the $5 bags of peanuts!!!

      I did contemplate yelling that they were giving chicken nuggets away at the McDonald’s just down the street…


    • Thanks! I’m thrilled with how things are coming together on it. I need a good day or two of crafting now!

  3. This is super cool! Great finds!

    Regarding the dresser top…I would suggest not gluing it down because you could do an awesome treasure map or mystery post and have that be the secret hiding place for ____. The crew has to put their Mystery Inc or Nancy Drew hats. 🙂

    Love the drawer liners!

    The other Saturday I found a high chest of drawers for the big girls and a small chest for the minis. I’m not sure how to address some of the painting on the one.

  4. Amazing find! I can’t wait to see how it all turns out! An idea for the top of that dresser before you decide to hot glue it shut. I’ve seen those little compartments turned into a really cute knitting cabinet for the dolls in a doll sewing/craft room. Just in case you wanted to repurpose the cabinet later. I emailed you a picture of it.

    ginnie /

    • Got it, that is a very cool idea! I wish it wasn’t so darned dirty, not sure what they did to it. I’m going to see if I can get some of the inside to come out of it, and possibly reconfigure it for something down the road.

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