Today my name is…

Remember a month ago when I had all sorts of trouble with the American Girl website?  And for some reason after I’d finally gotten my order placed, my name suddenly changed and I was Shannon?  Well, today I was in just poking around, not even signed in and suddenly I noticed my name was:

What the?!?!?!?! Come on guys, if you are insisting that my name isn’t supposed to be Flo, can I at least pick something I like?! I liked Shannon better. I’m not a Janice. Janice is a girl I went to school with that had sparkling blue eyes and dark curly hair who sunburned easily. Not me.

I won’t tell you the rude comment my husband made about American Girl when I mentioned this, it’s not suitable for publishing. Oy vey!


15 thoughts on “Today my name is…

  1. American Girl has disappointed me again today too! I had been so excited that brought back the starry doll holders so I bought 2 at the store. Today my husband went to put them up and he said the screws that that provided with the anchors are too short. I took a closer look at the holder up next to the ones that I already had and they are not the same. The new ones instead of being a solid clear piece of quality plastic are hollowed out dull piece of plastic. When they did the hollow out effect it must be a little further from the wall making the screws too short. Side by side it would look terrible! If they were going to cheat on the plastic they at least should have made certain that the screws fit. I called AG as usual they will past it on. I could use our own longer screws but I am going to take them back . $25 each was a lot for the nice ones – it is out of the question for cheap ones!

    • That’s a shame. And yes for $25, you would expect them to be right. Obviously no research went into the remake, just “how can we make it cheaper”. I don’t blame you for being upset. I’m just afraid that this is becoming the new norm for them, and that isn’t good at all. But as long as there are plenty of people who continue to buy at their inflated prices and still gush about what great product it is, we’re not going to see a change. 😦

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