The Super 8 Project–the sink

Hey everyone, thanks for coming back!  I have to say that my mind has been working overtime on this hotel project, and I’m so excited to show you what I’ve done so far and what I’ve found.  I think this one makes the bakery look like chump change!  And speaking of the bakery, remember this?

I made it from a small cabinet I picked up at Michael’s that started out as this:


I’ve already shown you the lovely set I found at Kmart by Newberry.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do with this piece since I had found a better replacement.  And then it dawned on me!  If I changed a few things around, it would make an awesome sink.

Lucky for me, the pieces I’d used to line the shelves came out easily and the knobs I’d used for feet on one of the small drawers popped off easily:

Then it was time to get to work.  I had some scraps of the striped paper I’d use for the bathroom wall and decided they would be perfect to line the shelves.  I used a layer of poster board first, then covered that with the scrapbook paper to give it stability. I also needed to paint under the black portion of the small drawer I used for the bottom.

The next issue was that the sink sat too low as is.  In the AG version, it’s attached to the wall, but I didn’t want to do that as it would make it difficult so fold up the backing boards.  Then I remembered a Pringles can I had in my stash.  I cut it down, covered it with more of the black stripe paper, glued the can lid to the open end, and then glued it to the bottom of the stand.  I also removed the feet from the bottom of the stand, they pulled out somewhat easily.

And then I covered the top portion of the stand with some marble look paper I had in my stash:

Here we are after the transformation.  I do need to put a second coat of paint on that one drawer, I was concerned about how hard that black was going to be to cover up, and I was right.

Since I’m trying to use things I already had in my stash, I pulled out the sink (which I purchased from Amazon) I had from my bathroom project.  I think it looks awesome!

I needed a mirror and headed to Dollar Tree.  I did find a mirror, but I wasn’t totally happy with it.  On a trip to Target, I found this awesome mirror in the back to school section, it’s a locker mirror.  I think it’s perfect!  I will hang it one of two ways–since it’s magnetic, I am either going to glue a piece of metal to the backing board, or I will use Velcro.  I haven’t decided which I prefer just yet.  The brass buttons are supposed to be push pins to hang stuff from, but I’m going to leave them in place, they sort of look like lights. (sorry for the weird photos, but it’s really hard to photograph a mirror without getting a flash or other reflection!)

That’s it for this installment!  Stay tuned, I have more things I’ve been working on to share with you.  This project is turning out to be so much fun!


15 thoughts on “The Super 8 Project–the sink

    • I’m hoping to get some more time to work on it next week, I’ve got some other stuff finished though. I came across a fantastic find that I am so excited to show!

    • Very cool! Isn’t it fun to make it instead? Not only do you save all that money, but you also get to do something creative. Anyone can buy it already made, but it makes it special when you make it yourself. Plus you can customize!

  1. It’s terrific and it’s so amazing to see how you’re putting this together piece by piece. The sink is ideal. I agree that the mirror gives the effect of lights!

    • Thanks! It’s been fun trying to think of ways to make the items without spending a ton of money. This one was perfect as it was a rehash of items I already had other than the mirror.

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