Newberry Café Set

I’ve seen several different sets by Newberry on various blogs I follow, and I have to admit I was a bit envious.  Newberry doll items were only available in Canada.  But that changed recently, and Kmart has now started selling them in the US, YAY!  While in a nearby Kmart, I found this set:

And out of the box:

You do have to be very careful taking the menu board out as it’s holding the parts for the table in place, but it will come out so you can reuse it.

You get a nice apron, I just wish it didn’t say Newberry on it.  I’ll have to fix that!

Four coffee cups.  They are a little bit big, but not horrible.

A tall table which has to be assembled.  I’m tempted to find a dowel rod the same diameter and cut it down and paint it so I can use this as a normal height table as well.

A cake stand.  LOVE this piece as it’s the right size for most all of my gorgeous cakes I’ve picked up on Etsy!

Six cupcakes, a little bit big also, but not completely unbelievable.

French bread!

And these enormous donuts!  Not sure what they were thinking there, but the girls have decided to start a new trend.  Remember those giant chocolate chip cookies you used to buy at the mall all decorated for special occasions?  Well, we are selling birthday donuts!

The coffee machine and cash register both make sounds when you press the buttons.  Very cool, and I like the cups that came with the coffee machine.

The case is nice, but one thing I didn’t like is that they have a zillion holes punched in the shelves.  They used those to hook all the items in place for packaging.  I’m hoping I still have some of that fun cupcake design paper that I can cover them with.  If not, a solid color or basic pattern will work too.  Two shelves you can see from the front but there is also ample storage on the bottom for additional items such as boxes, bags, extra pastries.

Overall, I think this is an awesome set and will go great in my bakery set up.  A fantastic set for anyone who perhaps wanted Grace’s Bakery, but didn’t want to spend $500.  I paid $40 for this set, but if you keep your eyes peeled, you can frequently get it online now for less.  I give this set a B+, and only because of the weird sized accessories.

“Can I help you ma’am?  The cupcakes are delicious!”

Wait a second…who is that?  Stay tuned! 😉


18 thoughts on “Newberry Café Set

  1. Sweet set! (see what I did there? LOL) Both K-Marts in my neck of the woods closed down years ago. B&N got replaced by an upscale bowling alley.

    • LOL! Our Kmart has managed to squeak through all of these recent closings, but I’m not sure if the one I bought this at is going to make the latest round of cuts. It was pretty run down. And they are treating the employees horrible anymore, I was stunned to find out that they no longer give their employees any kind of a discount!

  2. I saw some trend of putting a doughnut on top of a cake, so maybe these are sized to go on top of a cake! Maybe it’s a Canadian Pinterest thing, eh?
    I look forward to hearing about this mystery barista!

  3. Love the detail on the items, however the items are a bit large. I think the display case is really cute, and will probably hold a lot of your bakery items, and also looks deep enough to accommodate some of your cakes. Jumbo donuts, all the new craze.

    • It’s tempting to take puffy paint to one of them and decorate it! And yes, I think the case is deep enough for the cakes, yay! It’s definitely much better than what I was using before, will accommodate much more.

  4. I was tempted to pick up that cafe set when I saw it at Sears a couple of weeks ago! I didn’t, thougn, was being good. I did buy one of the Newberry doll outfits and it fit nicely and is really cute (I posted a picture on IG of it). I got the swim set with wetsuit, mask & snorkel, flippers.

  5. We have this set! Weird that yours has holes punched in the shelves. Ours came in a shipping box though as we ordered it from Sears online so maybe it didn’t need so much to secure it with. We put ours in the homemade version of Grace’s Bakery we made, and it worked like a charm! Does your coffee maker also have the lights on the bottom? When you put ours on the top of the shelves, it lights up the case down below. I really like this product too. And that’s a great idea to use a dowel to adjust the height of that table! 🙂

    Here’s a look at ours:

  6. Something else that is interesting to know is that Sears has started to sell other varieties of this set as well. With some minor tweaks, they transformed the set into a pizzeria set as well as an ice cream parlour using the same features and shelves. Unfortunately, Sears will likely go the wayside soon. 😦
    You can view the sets here:

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