Review of Our Generation Pet Care Playset

Our Generation has come out with some very cute sets for horses and pets lately.  I came across this set before Christmas and passed on it, then regretted my decision.  Luckily for me, I came across it again while out shopping!

This set has so many cute pieces to it, I’m not sure where to begin! I guess we will start with the dog bed as it’s the largest item in the set.

Doesn’t it look comfy? And it’s big enough for the majority of the American Girl pets to fit in.

Then we have a grooming comb and brush as well as a newspaper. The newspaper is just a single sheet, but I love that what is printed on it references another OG set! Very clever. I just have one question–does anyone use newspaper anymore to house train a dog? Just curious!!

A cute collar and leash. The leash actually attaches to the collar, just like with the AG sets. I like that this one is not all fancied up like theirs, it’s very simple just like one you could buy at a pet store.

Fido needs something to chew on and to play with! I think these are just adorable, they look like the real thing. If you wanted to, you could craft some tiny dog treats to put into the Kong style treat/chew toy for even more realism.

Last we have the dog bowls with food and water, plus the stand. This is my favorite part of the whole set, it is so well done!!!

I love how they made plastic “water” that looks realistic!! The kibble is pretty good too. Plus the bowls come out for added realism.

This set retails for $16.99 which in my opinion is a real bargain compared to what AG would sell something like this for. Heck, their leash and collar sets are $12 at regular price, so for just a few dollars more, you get the rest of the items I’ve shown. I give this set an A+++, Our Generation did an outstanding job with it!


18 thoughts on “Review of Our Generation Pet Care Playset

  1. The water is terrific! Maybe people could put the newspaper under the feeding station. Our cat always took the food out of the bowl and put it on the floor and then ate it!

    • I thought it was awesome! Great idea about the newspaper. We had a dog that not only took the food out of the bowl, but insisted on carrying it to the living room where we were to eat it! I guess she didn’t like to eat alone LOL.

    • Yes, that is a bit of a problem! I’m planning on using it for an example of how to make these and then Kit can use it for Coconut.

  2. I am continually impressed with the Our Generation sets. I have looked at this set several times, but never bought it. I love the plastic water and the toys. I am debating because my doll room is overflowing with tiny accessories. I’m sure you know not of what I speak – ahem.

    • Yeah, I was kicking myself after I didn’t get it, and I’m glad I didn’t pass on it again. And I know exactly what you are talking about. My dolls need to have a yard sale!

  3. Great set. Great price. Thank you for a closer look. The details are fabulous – the little kong! I agree with Sharry, wish the leash and collar were green or yellow. I don’t want to put Meatloaf in a pink collar.

    • Yes, I think the details in this set are actually better than many of the pet sets that AG has made. And agreed, green or yellow or even purple would have been a better color.

    • They keep getting better and better too! The bowls and the rack are my favorite part of this set although it’s all pretty awesome.

    • Their quality just seems to be improving too, I have some older pieces and while they are nice, sometimes the scale was a bit off. Doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

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