The Dangerous Clothing List

Due to the bad experience that Xyra from Tea Time With Melody Q recently had with a Madame Alexander swimsuit, I’ve received a list from Jen over at The Dolls Between Us of clothing items from American Girl that have caused problems. (Thank you Jen!) This prompted me to start a permanent page on my blog that can be added to as needed.

If you have an item that you don’t see already on the list, please leave information in the comments section so that item can be added.  It DOES NOT have to be an AG item, I’d like for this to be a comprehensive list for all manufacturers.  This is only for items that can cause damage to a doll, not fit or sizing issues.

Let’s keep our dolls safe from unnecessary stains!  If in doubt, check it out!


12 thoughts on “The Dangerous Clothing List

  1. Absolutely great idea to have this on a page! The funny thing, as I read the list, I have a few of these things and haven’t had trouble with them (I’m printing the list to count and check which). I know nothing from Lanie’s collection marked my girls. However, I will give in that the marks on Mel’s feet are suspiciously like the color of the Play Outfit brown suede sandals. So it could very well depend on the specific dye lot and not just the product. Like how some are noted to be “first edition” etc.

    • I didn’t have much on the list, but I’m glad now that I didn’t purchase Kit’s Christmas dress! I suspect another factor in some cases may be the conditions the doll has been stored in. I could see where it would be more likely to happen in climates with high humidity, etc.

  2. This is so helpful to have as a reference. I have seen dolls for resale with weird stains now I know why this might have been. Thanks for making the list.

  3. other than socks and other under garments are there solutions to prevent staining that anyone recommends (eg washing the items, though footwear may be difficult)

    • My mom always used a vinegar/water solution to set colors, but there are some things like you said that just can’t be washed. Anyone else have any ideas?

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