A Cool Little Stove

I’m a regular shopper at Zulily, and every so often in the toys, they show this toy stove that looks like it would be the right size for 18 inch dolls.  Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks.  First, up until just recently, Zulily didn’t accept returns, so if it didn’t work, I’d still be stuck with it.  And the colors weren’t always great, either red which wouldn’t have been horrible, or bright yellow with red accents.  It looked like something you’d find in a kitchen at clown school!  So I just passed on it and figured it wasn’t meant to be.

I was strolling through my nearby Tuesday Morning when I spotted something interesting on the shelves–a little stove.  Not just any stove, but the same stove I kept seeing on Zulily, but in much more reasonable and realistic colors.  I got the okay to take it out of the box to check and was happy to see it was the right size for 18 inch dolls.  The price was great too, $14.99.  Of course, it came home with me!

Here is Ryan beside it so you can see just how awesome it is size-wise.  The knobs and buttons are a little big, but not completely ridiculous.  It is designed for kids and not dolls after all.  I was impressed when I opened the door on it that the racks in it were adjustable.

Another shot of Ryan with the oven for size comparison.  (And yes, in case you don’t follow me on Instagram, he has been re-named.  I just wasn’t fond of Logan, and since he is going to be Jenny’s brother, I thought Ryan Bradley sounded way better!)

When you press the different buttons, it sets the “timer” and it counts down with sound effects.  Very cute!  Each button sets it for a different amount of time too.  The knobs at the top make a clicking noise too, but don’t really do anything.  The stovetop is simply stickers for two burners.

This is my favorite part–when you hit the start button, not only does the timer start counting down, but there is a light that comes on to make it look like the oven is working!

And once it’s done, it makes a “ding” and the light shuts out.  Very well done, I can see kids having a blast with this little toy!

I’m currently planning on using this as part of the bakery.  I think it will be perfect for little trays of cookies, don’t you?  I haven’t found any other appliances online from this company besides a dishwasher and it unfortunately didn’t match–plus it was around $30!  I would love to find a refrigerator that matched it, but I’ve had no luck from this company.  I will be keeping my eyes peeled.  I love the black and stainless steel look on this piece, very in trend with today’s modern kitchens.  It’s very tempting now to make a kitchen around it using some of the ideas I’ve seen online.



21 thoughts on “A Cool Little Stove

    • It’s fun, I just don’t have the time lately to play with it as much as would like to. Eventually!

  1. Love the stove, almost makes me want to go out to buy doll appliances. You seem to have uncanny luck finding things you need for the doll house. I always say, “If you are suppose to have it, You will find it”.

  2. That is a great little stove!

    I don’t have a kitchen set up but if I did that would be a fun addition. I guess this means I’ll have to take regular looks at the new Tuesday Morning in Quakertown. 🙂

    Did you see our new grill? I found it at a yard sale. I like the size and if you take photos at the right angles you don’t see the face on the front. LOL It’s Fisher Price or Playskool.

    I love your new stove and think it will be great in the bakery.

  3. I have seen this stove and frig at Kmart. If you have one of those near you, you might try there.

  4. I got a mini Miele stove and fridge from ebay that are incredible! Perfect size for dolls and the burners light up and make noise, the fridge is supposed to light and make noise when you open the door, but I got a deal on mine because it doesn’t work.

    • The Miele mini appliances are the best IMHO. I’ve never come across a bargain on them, glad you did! I wish they would make them again.

  5. Awesome find. I had a Casdon brand stove and separate kitchen sink.fridge set at one point, but they were a little large for AG. Best ever doll kitchen I ever had was by Kitchen Littles, but it was Barbie sized. Barbie left to fund my AG obsession.

    • Oh yes, what I wouldn’t give for an 18 inch sized kitchen that compares in quality to the Kitchen Littles set, that was awesome stuff!!! I too had a set, but I got out of Barbie as well and passed it on to the daughter of a friend. All of that, as well as some Barbie stuff that came out at the same time was so nicely made, not like the crap Mattel puts out now for Barbie. I’m sure Barbie is sitting in her new, hot pink kitchen, crying…

  6. Congrats! That’s a pretty cool grab! I love the way it looks w/ the light on. Is Ryan wearing Lotsogoodies clothes?

    • Yes he is, good eye! I got him a shirt and jeans from there as well as a top and sweatpants. Her stuff is terrific!

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