Review of Our Generation “Today’s Special” set

Our Generation keeps cranking out some really awesome sets, and I was super excited when I saw this one.  It didn’t help that the Target website kept teasing me with it by having it available and then not available, but luck was with me one day while we were running around and I not only came across it in a store, but on sale to boot, whoo hoo!

The majority of the items in this set are reissues from the Retro Diner set, but they are great either for someone who wants more pieces for that set, or for someone like me who didn’t have room for that big of a piece, but wanted some of it for their own homemade diner set up.

First we’ll check out the food:

For the main course selections! We have a sandwich and pickle, spaghetti and French fries!  So cute and well done.  I was surprised to see that the food items are attached to the plates though, usually OG pieces aren’t.  Not a problem though, less chance of losing that little pickle!

It wouldn’t be a dinner without ice cream! A yummy looking sundae with chocolate ice cream and a strawberry shake. The detail on the chocolate ice cream is terrific, it looks like the real thing. I also noticed a little “stream” of red paint coming down from the cherry on the shake, not sure if that was deliberate or not, but I think it adds to the realism, even if it wasn’t.

If you have a diner, you have to have menus!  And something to take orders on.

And my favorite pieces:

I especially wanted the napkin dispenser, but the rest is great too! The straws aren’t removable from the keeper, but that’s okay, something else that could easily get lost.

I LOVE this set, it will be great for use in the bakery/café as well as at “The Lighthouse” once it is open. This set retails for $16.99, but keep an eye out for a sale in store. I give this set an A+ for both quality and effort on the part of OG, glad that they realized that some of us loved the parts from the diner, just didn’t have room for all of it. I’m hopeful this means we will see some of the other pieces eventually as well in another set. Now if they will just release that little service bell…


17 thoughts on “Review of Our Generation “Today’s Special” set

    • Their pricing is so affordable! And I agree, their stuff has gotten better. You get way more for your money and I think when it comes to certain items, they do it better than AG.

      • I know, right? I got a camping set for $16.99 and not only is it more feasible (considering the AG one is $85 :O), it’s also more realistic. I camp quite a bit, and I can tell you that you never see triangular tents anymore on campgrounds. Well, except the ones our family owns, because they’re from my dad’s Boy Scout days and they were all about practicality. But even they have a rounded rain sheet on top. 🙂

  1. I love this set, but what a bummer that the food is stuck on the plates! I’m not sure I really want it as much now. I like my previous OG food sets with removable food.

    • I definitely wasn’t expecting that, I’m curious if the same plates of food are like that with the diner set–anybody know?

  2. I have been so impressed with OG lately. They have always done a great job making play sets that rival AG and at a fraction of the cost, but in particular I really like their Retro items. You know the food being stuck to the plates is not such a big deal, I have to remind myself they make these for little girls not me! Haha There are fewer tiny objects to get sucked into the vacuum or stuck up someones nose.

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